Chad Northcott webMy visit to Internet Lodge for the Installation on 19 March 2016 was memorable. The greeting and hospitality I was afforded was excellent. Despite the distances involved it is clear that the events team worked hard to ensure all travelling members are accommodated and welcomed.

Retention of Freemasons in Lodges is a topical subject at the moment and I was impressed with the way new members are ‘mentored’, especially the younger brethren who have access to incredible communication resources through your websites, social media presence, your ‘list’ and email.

The standard of working the ritual was exemplary and the Festive Board was lively, buoyant and punctuated with healthy conversation, banter and good feeling.

You have a unique, special and vibrant Lodge. Very much looking forward to my next visit.


W Bro Chad Northcott

Past Senior Grand Diacon, UGLE
Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Province of East Lancashire


A personal view from the Lodge Historian
R W Bro Alan Tibbetts, PDepDistGM (Ontario, GL Canada) Alan Tibbets

  1. The manifesto system of selecting a Worshipful Master.
  2. Having two meetings per year outside Manchester to see other Halls and meet other Masons.
  3. International get-togethers including group visits to local Lodges.
  4. E-mail communication with members on a daily basis.
  5. The Community, with its variety of serious discussions, working groups and informal blogs.
  6. The ability to pay subscriptions and social event fees on-line.
  7. Worldwide membership providing contacts for personal Lodge visits or social visits.
  8. Worldwide membership exposing us to other workings, attitudes, experiences, procedures.
  9. Web site archive of photos, papers, minutes etc. to plot our progress.
  10. The wide range of experience, interests and skills of a diverse membership that can benefit Internet Lodge and its individual members.