During the installation meeting last week, our Worshipful Master announced that he planned to conduct a small team of Internet Lodge members and partners to attend the installation of Internet Lodge member, Bro. Hugo Rietveld into the chair of Gen John J Pershing Lodge. The date of the Lodge meeting coincides with the Andre Rieu weekend in Maastricht.

This email provides all the information that the brethren require to make a decision whether to participate in our sojourn to Maastricht; and how to make the necessary reservations.

The first thing to state is that owing to the size of the Lodge room, we are limited to 20 members attending the meeting; and 40 members and partners attending the luncheon afterwards.  Reservations for the meeting will be taken in strict order of application. We do not know how many members might wish to attend, but I apologise in advance if it is more than the requisite number as that might disappoint some brethren.

SATURDAY MORNING 11 JULY 2015  from 10:00 until 12:00 hours  At Masonic Hall, Heggestraat 16, Maastricht

To be followed by a lunch for lodge members, visitors and their partners and guests in a private restaurant at walking distance (about 500 metres) from 12:30 until 14:30 or thereabouts.

The Lodge usually works the Nova Scotia ritual (in English), which is very different from the main English rituals.

SUNDAY 12 July           Boat Tour stating at 12:00- (noon).

Andre Rieu Concert   09:00 PM   Vrijthof Maastricht, The Netherlands The WM has decided to attend the concert on Sunday.  Tickets may be available for the Friday or the Saturday night.

It's not possible for us to book tickets on behalf of the brethren and, in any case, we understand that it is approaching a sell-out. Tickets are still available at  the Andre Rieu WebsiteTo protect the commercial interests of Andre Rieu you may only be able to buy concert tickets in association with the hotel or dinner on the night.

This is an informal trip and many of the arrangements you will have to make yourself. The bookings website will not be used and no payments will go through Internet Lodge bank accounts.

1.      Please email me if you wish to attend the Lodge meeting and I will reserve a space. Please note that I already have six places reserved and I will contact those brethren immediately so they know that they are on the list.

2.      Please email me with a booking for the festive board advising whether your partner will be attending for the luncheon.

3.      please e-Mail me if you wish to go on the boat trip and I will make reservations.

4.      Please make your own reservations for the concert

General John J. Pershing Lodge

When the NATO HQ was created at Fontainebleau in France in the 1950's, NATO workers who also were regular masons (from all different NATO countries) petitioned the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise to consecrate several lodges.
The GLNF rewarded the request, and administratively had these lodges governed by 'The Continental District'.  General John J. Pershing Lodge was born. In 1964 President De Gaulle expelled NATO HQ from France. NATO HQ moved to Mons in Belgium and a part moved to Brunssum (near Maastricht) in The
Netherlands. The NATO Lodges followed their members and General John J.Pershing Lodge, still only existing of NATO personnel, moved to Brunssum.
Other Lodges from the Continental District followed to the other NATO locations (e.g. Belgium, Greece).  The General John J. Pershing Lodge, still governed by the Continental District of the GLNF, was working with permission within the jurisdiction of the Grand East of the Netherlands. This situation was
remarkable, but workable until 2010, when the GLNF top lost the trust oftheir members, resulting in - as you are all aware - de-recognition of the GLNF. The members of the General John J. Pershing lodge suffered from what happened in Paris, and petitioned the Grand East of the Netherlands to
transfer the Lodge from the GLNF to the GENL as soon as possible. It took the best part of two years, but the Lodge survived, and works now since two years on the role of the regular Grand East of the Netherlands. We lost some members, but we gained a lot too. The lodge moves slowly away from it's
military-only status, and becomes a tad more civilian, with new young members (many study at the famous Maastrichter University). We have at the moment four EA's, a couple of young Master Masons, and candidates on the processing plan.  It is the only English speaking Craft Lodge in the south of the
Netherlands.  The Lodge meets once a month at the Masonic Hall in Maastricht which is just one street beyond the Vrijthof.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Rob Allen

2015 Informal Events Steward

Internet Lodge No 9659