I remain indebted to the following for their critiques and guidance, without which much of this presentation would have had less substance:

  • Rev. Peter Davies, Principal, Elim Bible College, Nantwich, U.K.
  • Professor Michael Goulder, Dean, School of Continuing Studies, University of Birmingham, U.K.
  • Rev. Canon Michael Hocking (Former Arch Deacon of Jerusalem), U.K.
  • Rev. Dr. Stephen B. Dawes, Chairman, Cornwall District of Methodist Churches, U.K.
  • Mr George Edison, Shepherd, Montana, U.S.A
  • Dr. David M. Rohl, former Chairman, Institute for the Study of Interdisciplinary Sciences, London, U.K.
  • Rabbi David Roller, Livermore, California, U.S.A.
  • Dr. Daniel N. Farhey, Haifa, Israel.

I am also immensely grateful for the generosity of the following for allowing me to make use of those illustrations as indicated by their reference letters:

  • From 'The Times Atlas of the Bible', by courtesy of Times Books Ltd, imprint of Harper Collins Ltd., London, U.K.:
    Prints: C, D, F, H, M and N.
  • From 'A Test of Time', by courtesy of Dr. David M. Rohl.:
    Prints: A, B, P, R, S, T, V and W.
  • By courtesy of Vaughan Tregenza, Esq., Penzance, Cornwall, U.K.:
    Prints: G, J and O.
  • The following prints are from sources published more than 50 years ago and are now out of copyright:
    Prints: E, I, K, L, Q and U.

P.E.H. Thomas