1700NC Joseph the Patriarch is born in Canaan.
1683 Kidnapped by seven of his brothers and thrown into a well; later sold to a passing caravan heading for Egypt. There sold to Potiphar, head of the Royal Guard. Pharaoh Amenemhat became impressed by Joseph's logic and foresight.
1670 Appointed Vizier; the second highest position in Egypt.
1662 Invites his father, Jacob, with 70 relations plus other Israelites, to emigrate to Egypt to escape the existing famine in Canaan.
1645 Jacob dies.
c.1600 Having served 10 Pharaohs, Joseph dies and is buried at Avaris.
1527 Moses is born near Memphis and is adopted as a Prince of Egypt.
1517 Israelites are placed in bondage and subjected to widespread infanticide.
1493 Having led many successful military campaigns, Moses incurs the jealousy of Pharaoh Ay and is obliged to flee in exile to Saudi Arabia where he later marries.
1449 Moses returns and pleads for the release of the Israelites. The Pharaoh refuses and the ten plagues begin.
1447 The tenth disaster persuades Pharaoh Dudimose to free the Israelites. The Exodus begins and Joshua is born on the way to Mount Sinai.
1410 On arrival at the River Jordan, Moses dies. Joshua takes over and begins the invasion of Canaan with the destruction of Jericho.
1397 Joshua dies and the 12 Tribes are each ruled by a series of Judges for 360 years.
1037 Saul is selected by Samuel (the last Judge) as the first King of a United Israel.
1018 Saul commits suicide after losing the battle of Gilboa. He and three of his sons are decapitated and put on display.
1010 Upon the death of Saul's remaining son, Ishbaal, David seizes the kingship of Israel.
965 Solomon becomes King and builds the First Temple at Jerusalem.
931 BC Solomon dies and Israel splits into two kingdoms.
925 Pharaoh Ramesses II (also known as Shishak) invades Canaan and loots the Temple at Jerusalem.
690 Hezekiah reunites Judah with part of Israel.
598 After reigning just three months, Hezekiah's sixth successor, Jehoiachin (aged 18), is believed to have died.
597 Zedekiah becomes King and, for nearly 11 years, he resolutely resists the invasion of Nebuchadnezzar II despite being offered various favours.
587 Zedekiah is captured. Furious at being spurned, Nebuchadnezzar orders the execution of Zedekiah's three sons. Zedekiah himself has his eyes gouged out and is taken off to Babylon followed, in stages, by 5000 Israelites. Meanwhile Jerusalem is sacked, including the Temple.
586 Some six months after capture, Zedekiah dies as the last King of Israel.
538 Cyrus, Emperor of Persia, frees the Israelites to return to Jerusalem.
514 The Second Temple at Jerusalem is completed.
12 Herod the Great embellishes part of the exterior of the Second Temple and enlarges the Citadel.
c.6? Christ is born.
4 Herod dies.
AD 36 Christ is crucified on Friday, 30th. March.
AD 70 Romans destroy the Second Temple and banish the Jews from Jerusalem for the next 150 years