How we Communicate with the Public and with Members

Our Internet presence and Electronic Communications are controlled by a team of volunteers (known as the Web Team).

Communicating with the Public

The website which you are currently browsing is often called our Public Lodge Website and it is available to all. It is the public face of the lodge used to inform anyone interested about freemasonry in general and our lodge in particular.
This is one of the main vehicles we have for attracting Freemasons as joining members.


Communicating with the Members

We communicate between ouselves as members in a number of ways. All of these communications are strictly for members of the lodge only and access to them is controlled by a combination of passwords and other authorisations.

    • Our main method of communicating with each other on a day to day basis is a closed email list.
      Every member is joined to the email list when he joins the lodge. Non members can neither read nor post to the list. Members can opt to receive messages from this list in various ways, each choosing this most suitable for him.




    • We also have our Members Only Website. This is where we have extensive resources available to members including full history of all the lodge activities, membership lists and all the summonses and minutes of meetings for every meeting of the lodge. Members also use an area of this site to book into lodge meetings and social functions.



Joining the lodge allows Freemasons to use all these methods to take advantage of the opportunity to exchange views and share objectives with other Freemasons all over the world.