A project to assist the re-establishment of Freemasonry

free2In those now independent countries of the old Soviet bloc and Yugoslavia, there has been a welcome re-establishment, a re-birth, of freemasonry .

This is a freemasonry that had lain dormant for many years, having been erased from the life of those countries during the long periods of first Nazi and then Communist oppression. During those years of oppression and subjugation many Masonic buildings were destroyed, together with their historic contents. Valuable furnishings and fittings and works of Masonic art were destroyed.

When freemasonry was revived in those countries those new lodges were therefore starting from nothing; nothing that is except a strong and driving force present in good men who wanted to establish an independent freemasonry in their own country.

The brethren of Internet Lodge therefore want to assist in this most worthy purpose. We want to provide help and support to those newly forming lodges and by so doing strengthen and encourage an emerging freemasonry in those countries. As a valuable by-product of such help and support we will further cement the good international relationships between countries, between brethren and between lodges, both Grand and constituent.