We meet upon the Level and we part upon the Square
What words of precious meaning those Masonic words are!
Come let us contemplate them! they are worthy of a thought;
In the very walls of Masonry the sentiment is wrought

We meet upon the Level though from every station come
The rich man from his palace and the poor man from his home;
For the rich must leave his wealth and state outside the Mason’s door,
And the poor man finds his best respect upon the chequered floor

We act upon the Plumb - tis the order of our Guide -
We walk upright in virtue’s way and lean to neither side;
The’ All Seeing Eye that reads our hearts doth bear us witness true
That we still try to honour God and give each man his due

We part upon the Square, for the world must have its due;
We mingle with the multitude a faithful band and true;
But the influence of our gatherings in memory is green
And we long upon the Level to renew the happy scene

There’s a world where all are equal – we are hurrying towards it fast
We shall meet upon the Level there, when the gates of Death are passed
We shall stand before the Orient, and our Master will be there
To try the blocks we offer with his own unerring square

We shall meet upon the level there, but never thence depart
There’s a Mansion – ‘tis already for each trusting faithful heart
There’s a Mansion and a Welcome and a multitude is there
Who have met upon the Level, and been tried upon the Square

Let us meet upon the Level, then while labouring patient here;
Let us meet and let us labour, though the labour be severe;
Already in the western sky the signs bid us prepare
To gather up our Working Tools and part upon the Square

Hands round, ye faithful Brotherhood, the bright fraternal chain
We part upon the Square below, to meet in heaven again!
What words of precious meaning, those words Masonic are -
We meet upon the Level and we part upon the Square