On 12th September 2012 the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) , in common with a similar decision made by most Grand Lodges throughout the world withdrew recognition of GLNF.

In so doing the President of the Board of General Purposes of UGLE said "The Board is aware that, if its recommendation is accepted by Grand Lodge, a number of our members who have joint memberships will need to decide with which constitution they will remain. The Board regrets this but it has a duty to have regard to the best interests of the whole English Craft and in the present circumstances believes those interests will be best served by withdrawing recognition from the GLNF. One hundred years ago members of this Grand Lodge were materially involved in the formation of the GLNF and the return of regular Freemasonry to France: for this and other reasons, the Board’s recommendation was not reached lightly but only after considerable discussion and consultation."

It therefore follows that Internet Lodge can no longer accept applications for membership from current members of GLNF although former members of GLNF are welcome to apply. Any existing members of the  lodge who are also currently members of GLNF will have to resign from either GLNF or UGLE at their discretion.