roymorrisAt our Manningtree meeting on October 12th 2013 W.Bro Royston Morris the current Senior Warden was elected as Master Elect. He will be installed as Worshipful Master of the lodge on 15th March 2014

Bro Roy is 63 years old and a resident of South Wales and is a Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in the Province of Monmouthshire.

He joined Internet lodge in March 2008 and has attended lodge meetings and gatherings in England, Europe and the USA on many occasions. He has been the life and soul of many of our social gatherings as ring leader of a group of his Welsh colleagues who truly know how to work hard in Masonic toil and to play hard in Masonic refreshment.

During his term of office the lodge will hold meetings in Manchester, Olney and Newport and a wonderful year is in prospect. We look forward to all of it except perhaps his singing.