BenAllenAt our meeting in Newport on 11th October 2014 WBro Ben Allen, the current Senior Warden was declared Master Elect for 2015. He will be installed as Worshipful Master at our meeting in Manchester on 21st Mrrch 2015.

Ben is just 32 years old, lives in London,  and was the first initiate into Internet lodge of which his father is also a member and we are delighted that he has made such progress.

During 2015/16 Ben hopes to host meetings in Manchester, Newcastle and London.

Explaining his theme for the year Ben said :-

"Future proofing is a fairly horrible phrase, but it accurately describes a concept whereby somethingis able to stay relevant to the future also adapt to the changes that the passing of time may bring. I think that it is vitalt hat we preserve the practise of Freemasonry into the future and in order to that we must consider our history and use that to plan how we move into the future; not just in our use of technology every Freemason’s everyday experience in the wider world.

That will be my theme through the year, and I hope to arrange talks and discussions that will lead to a wider debate on this subject."