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My dear Brethren,

What a most heart warming end to the Calendar Year. For us on the top end of the Planet the days are already getting longer, Christmas is here and a New Year is about to start. The heart warming bit is the flood of your mail which has come in like an avalanche full of greetings, warm thoughts and good wishes. What is special is those warm thoughts and good wishes are extended beyond Internet Lodge, our Brethren, families, friends and our Brethren around the World. For us as Masons those thoughts transcend Religion, Politics and Geography sending a message of Peace and Hope to the World, our World this wonderful Blue Apple we all share and live upon.

We have now arrived at the start of the 4th quarter of my year as Master of Internet Lodge and at a time of celebration for us all but it is also a time of reflection. We have arrived at a festive season for many of us and though festive, it is to remind us of a serious message of HOPE for us all. We are, all of us, about to start a New Year, so my message to you all is live in HOPE and I wish for you my Brothers and all the world, “Peace and Good Will to All Mankind” as we travel towards the future.

My 3rd Quarter has been very busy; our two meetings at Grantham and Sheffield were packed with energy and very busy and we had two very thought provoking speakers fitting in very well with the theme of our year, that of having a dream and the future for Free Masonry. Masonry which although having it’s foundations and resting on the past, is about travelling into the future which is pinned on hopes and dreams. Our Freemasonry by Moral consideration of Allegories, Symbols and the development of Social Virtues encourages us to evolve. Or as we say makes good men better men and by our active involvement with society around us achieve Freemasonry’s objective being a civilising and uniting force within society transcending Religion, Politics and Culture. John Acaster, our Grantham speaker, took us on a journey considering the past and the effect it may have for our Future. Padraig Belton in Sheffield took is on a journey looking at how we may better engage our young people and future generations to benefit them with our System of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols and we to better engage with them and their communications and social lifestyle for without them we have no future. Other than my local wanderings I was very proud of our Lodge at Cristian Mihutu’s Installation heading a large contingent of you who had flown in to support. Our contingent more than doubled when our Romanian Brethren attending stood to give greetings. Steve Gregorie’s presentation of us made quite a tour de force and the energy of so many Masons gathering generated so much energy and bon ami it was a wonderful experience particularly for Cristian now WBro. Cristian now installed in truly ample form. We along with our wives and partners had a wonderful week and the hospitality we received was both warm and wonderful. My next journey was organised by Philip Ass Sec., hosted by Gerard Otten accompanied by myself and Gerard O’Donnel one of our Scottish members. Philip did something rather special taking several Brethren to experience Freemasonry abroad and maybe an interest in Internet Lodge. The meeting was in English delivered brilliantly by the Dutch Brethren. Over the weekend we visited Rotterdam and the Euro Port and on Sunday had a wonderful visit to the Hague led by Werner Schwab so my vote of thanks to Gerard, Philip and Henk for their wonderful hospitality. I know I have published this before but I have had reported that a few of you don’t always get to the E-mail attachments hence my putting this out on E-mail to read on your phones and an attachment to read and maybe keep on your computers.

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As I said earlier this was a time of reflection. Brethren we have had so far a very successful year and all thanks to your tremendous support and energy. Our installation in March was our largest gathering since the Lodge was Consecrated. Our new administration is up and running to support you all and my IL mail volume is steadying down. We had a wonderful Fraternal visit to Scotland where the hospitality was beyond compare. Our two meeting above at Grantham and Sheffield were electric for which again I thank our speakers and you my Brethren for your support coming not only from those attending but all of you out there. What I would like you all to do is support this Web site by sending your stories and news and livening it all up.

To close my letter to you all I leave you with this. In a Scottish Lodge having set aside our Tools, closed our Book and locked up our Secrets The Right Worshipful Master closes on both a reminder and a prayer by thus asking"

“Worshipful Senior Warden, How do Masons meet?”. WSW. “On the Level RWM”.
“Worshipful Junior Warden, how do Masons act?”. WJW. “On the Plumb RWM”.
The Right Worshipful Master then replies, “and part on the Square”.
Continuing in prayer, “May the blessings of the Great Architect of the Universe be upon us and upon all true and faithful Brethren around the World. May Brotherly love prevail and may every moral and social virtue unite and cement us.
So Mote it Be”.

May those thoughts stay with us and that blessing be upon us throughout the forthcoming year my Brethren. I send you all my warmest fraternal greeting for this festive season and wish you all Peace, Harmony and a Happy New Year.

To our non Masonic readers I hope my message has conveyed some of the fraternal love and warmth we share as Members of Internet Lodge and Masons setting aside all that separates mankind and Uniting us in Peace, Love and Harmony in that they may prevail across the world.

Alan B. Turton Worshipful Master.