ED1W.Bro Stephen Gregory

Installed 18th March 2023

Twenty Fifth Woshipful Master

It is alleged that somebody once said “A year is a long time in politics” well I can confirm ‘a year as Master of Internet Lodge is a very short time’! It does not seem 5 minutes since I was sat sorting out my officers and preparing to be installed and now here I am having been there, done that and got the collar. My year started the day after our 25th anniversary Gala Dinner, when I was installed so delightfully, and accurately, by my friend Emmanouil. The icing on the cake was that the presiding officer was also a good friend, Peter Hegarty. Following the formalities of our masonic social board where John and Chris regaled us with a song, we then retired back to the hotel to change into something slightly more casual to attend the first social event of my year at a local venue where we were entertained by Estelle. In May, a small but happy band of us jetted off to Cyprus where we made a fraternal visit to a lodge, had a tour of the Troodos mountains and a visited a beautiful monastery. We attended, and one of the group played in the Peter Lowndes Annual Golf Tournament which raised a fantastic amount for charitable causes. Our last night in Cyprus was a farewell dinner at a local restaurant where we enjoyed typical Cypriot menu. In August, the weekend started off with a Chinese Banquet on the Thursday evening. Friday evening, we were entertained by Sheila Diamond at our most enjoyable Ladies Festival Gala Dinner at Chorley Masonic Hall. Saturday saw us demonstrating a degree ceremony at Lodge and Saturday evening we congregated again for a very nice dinner at the Mercure Georgian House where we had a very entertaining talk by Mr Peter Sykes, former surgeon, who did not charge a fee but requested instead a donation to his chosen charity. We duly paid £250.00 to East Cheshire Hospice. In October we held our meeting in Knowle. Thursday evening, we held our meet and greet in The Bull’s Head, a local hostelry, Friday evening saw us dining at the Strawberry Bank Hotel where we were entertained by a magician, David Moylan. On Saturday, for the last Lodge meeting of my year as WM, we met at Knowle Masonic Centre where Charles Arnold gave a wonderful explanation of the First Degree TB, Ben Allen gave another excellent explanation of the Second Degree TB and I delivered an exposition on Ecclesiastes 12:1. We elected James as our next Master. Saturday evening, those that were still round and about dined at The Lord Nelson where a good time was had by all. March 2024 saw us meeting again in Manchester where we had our Thursday meet and greet at the Real Greek, in Manchester Centre, unfortunately the planned Friday night event was cancelled due to low numbers. Saturday I was delighted to install my friend and brother James as the next Master of Internet lodge. So, there it is, been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. I will remember with joy and happiness my year as WM of a unique Lodge.


ED1W.Bro Emmanouil Diamantas

Installed 19th March 2022

Twenty Fourth Woshipful Master

 Brethren, I had the great honour and privilege of serving this unique Lodge, an English Lodge of international orientation, as the twenty-fourth WM. Based in Athens, Greece, and, at the same period in the Chair of King Solomon of my Greek Lodge, this combination created a challenging yet rewarding situation. It would be a glaring omission not to thank all those who tirelessly supported me during this year, especially John Dutchman-Smith, David Starbuck, Christopher White, Alan Breward, Stephen Gregory, Cristian Mihutoiu, Derek Oliver, Stephen Wall, Alan Turton, Royston Morris, David Hedley, Christopher Malpus, Benedict Allen and many others.
My installation was conducted at Manchester Hall, Bridge Street, East Lancashire, on the 19th of March 2022, attended by Brethren who travelled from England and abroad, and honoured by the presence of the APGM, a flawless installation ceremony which will remain in my memory for so long as I shall live. Subsequently, my inaugural address revealed my theme for 2022, “Introduction to Greek Freemasonry”. At the festive board to follow, I was touched by WBro John Dutchman-Smith singing the Master’s song.
Our next mission was a fabulous journey to Athens in early May (4th-7th). At full deployment, twenty members and wives participated in various activities such as two formal dinners, a visit to the National Gallery, a guided tour to the Rock and the Museum of Acropolis, a walking tour around the picturesque area of Monastiraki, and a day trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. From refreshment to labour, we attended a raising ceremony of my Greek Lodge, Omiros No. 61 under the Grand Lodge of Greece, at the Masonic Hall of Athens, me presiding in the capacity of Master. Our visiting Brethren were presented with commemorative plaques by the Deputy Grand Master, and later joined the festive board at the restaurant of the Hall.
Our next regular meeting was organised in Coventry on the 13th of August 2022, where I had the pleasure of delivering a lecture pertaining to the history of Freemasonry in Greece. As soon as the Lodge was closed, assisted by a small team, I gave a demonstration of the opening of a Lodge as per the Greek Constitution -in English- and presented our SW, WBro Stephen Gregory, with a tracing board of the first degree. We then enjoyed the company of our beloved Brethren and their wives at a white table, held at the same location.
Next stop Berkeley, Gloucestershire. Our meeting took place on the 8th of October 2022 at the Berkeley Arms Hotel, the meeting place of Royal Lodge of Faith and Friendship No. 270. A lecture “Freemasons & English Prime Ministers” by WBro Eddie Fortune was presented to the Lodge by WBro Stephen Gregory. The WM of Royal Lodge of Faith & Friendship also gave a lecture on WBro Edward Jenner, PM of that Lodge, English physician and scientist who created the smallpox vaccine, the world’s first vaccine. Our farewell dinner was held at the Gables Hotel in the evening, ladies invited, and we had the opportunity to be entertained by two opera singers of high repute, members of Internet Lodge.
Brethren, now that my year in the Chair of King Solomon is almost over, I can only hope that you enjoyed our meetings and activities as much as I did, and once more express my gratitude to all of you for your kind assistance and invaluable support. I am looking forward to installing my successor and dear friend, WBro Stephen Gregory, and meeting as many of you as possible this March.
May the Architect Divine bless us all.


W.Bro, Stephen John Wall


W.Bro Walls installation was postponed because of the pandemic and eventually took place on 14th August 2021

His therefore was a short tenure and he held just one meeting which was in Rugby in October 2021

Attendance was restricted in the aftermath of Covid.




Cristian MihutouiW.Bro Cristian Mihutoui.

Installed 16th March 2019

Tewnty-Second Worshipful Master

Brethren as your 22nd Worshipful Master first of all I must thank you all for encouraging me to submit my manifesto to going in the chair of this really unique and wonderful Lodge few years ago. It has been quite an experience. Being Master of this special Lodge was a great honour for me and same time a fantastic challenge being located in Romania, more than 2000 miles away from UK. I also thank you all for the great help and support over the year you have given to me without which I could not have been able to succeed.

Manchester, 16th March 2019
The installation takes place as usual in Manchester Bridge Street, on the 16th of March 2019 where W Bro. Alan Breward installed me into the Masters chair with consummate skill, ably assisted by the lodge members in a ceremony that will live long in my memory. It was followed by a memorable festive board at which I had the pleasure of seeing W Bro. John Dutchman-Smith singing the masters song. Very exciting indeed.

Dublin, 08-11th May 2019
A special masonic trip to Dublin, facilitated by W Bro. Alan Breward and his wife was successfully organized between 08-11th May 2019, excellent time spent together in this beautiful city of Ireland. A Guided Tour of the Grand Lodge of Ireland and our participation to the Square & Compass Lodge 998 and Kingston Masonic Lodge 510 meetings and Festive Dinner were excellent opportunities to enjoy together with our Irish brethren.

Brighton, 10th August 2019
The summer meeting was organized in Brighton on 10th August 2019 giving us the opportunity to enjoy the summer time in a nice but windy seaside resort. I wish to give special thanks to W Bro. Mario Portelli for his great support in organizing the meeting with all its related details about the East Brighton Masonic Centre and the lovely Gala Dinner with our ladies on Saturday evening in the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel.

Sindlesham near Reading (Berkshire), 12th October 2019
October sees the Lodge in Sindlesham near Reading (Berkshire), this venue was one chosen by our much-regretted W Bro. Stuart Robinson but could not have been better, the Double Tree by Hilton Moat Hotel was not so far from Windsor and city center and was close to the Sindlesham Masonic Hall for our convenience. The traditional Ladies Festival took place in the hotel having again all the necessary ingredients to enjoy the evening, good food and wine, live music and dancing. A nice lecture entitled “Craft: The pointers to the Royal Arch and Mark Degrees within the Craft” held by W Bro. Philip Harris was presented.

My successor W Bro. Stephen Wall was installed in the Chair of Internet Lodge 9659 at our first Lodge meeting held on 14th August 2021 in Salford even if I was not able to be there due to the Covid-19 international travelling restrictions but wish him a successful year in the Chair.
May I take this opportunity to once more thank all the executive officers for their support throughout the year and in particular to David Starbuck our Secretary and John Dutchman-Smith our Assistant Secretary on retiring from their offices.
Thank you again Brethren for all your support and friendship during my years in the chair and I look forward to seeing many of you again in the coming months.

Cristian Mihutoiu
WM of Internet Lodge 9659 for the years 2019/2021.



W. Bro. Alan M. BrewardAMBs

Installed 17th March 2018

Tewnty-First Worshipful Master

The themes for the year were Reconciliation & Remembrance. As my Armed Forces background and upbringing along with my introduction to semi conductors and eventually the World Wide Web.
Remembrance enhanced the reconciliation with the anniversary of the end of the “Great War” that war to end all wars, sadly we still live in hope.
Freemasonry also remembered these sad days of remembrance and reconciliation with many events at Great Queen Street.
However the Lodges visit and service at the New Masonic Garden of Remembrance at the National Memorial Arboretum is still held high in my thoughts and feelings, as well as being talked about still by the NMA staff!
An oversea visit to the Emerald Isles culminating in visiting a number of Lodges included Lodge Ireland 2000 the Irish Constitution Internet Lodge topped out those visits, extending thanks and friendship from 9659.
The support of the Brethren to the charities, 1st Bangor Scouts, Fisher House Veterans support, Manchester Children’s Hospital & the Not Forgotten Association is more than thankfully received in helping those less fortunate than us.
Manchester and Installation along with the enjoyment of the new surrounds of “Brickies” the Goulburn suite looked and felt fine, the post visit to Salford A&E will forever be with me.

Ireland along with our ladies and other guests a wonderful warm week with visits to Queens Uni Lodge in Belfast and Bangor Union in Bangor along with the National Trust we need refreshments at “Bushmill’s”

Tamworth and the National Memorial Arboretum and a night in the Snow-dome who will forget that?

Wonderful Ladies Festival in Harrogate and the Lodge of Sorrows demonstration from Glossopdale Lodge

Brethren thank-you, thank-you and thank-you ALL again.

I am so proud to have been the Master of this wonderful Lodge allowing me to be your representative in my masonic this Year I now look forward to an equally full year as IPM.
Thank you ALL for your support.


W. Bro. Carl N FreelandCNF

Installed 18th March 2017

Twentieth Worshipful Master

I thank you all for selecting me as Worshipful Master especially in the very special UGLE Tercentenary year of 2017, and to have the honour of being the twentieth Worshipful Master of the Internet Lodge. My projects have been about the future of the Lodge in terms of future succession to the key administrative offices, and supporting the amazing and dedicated Web Team, in particular Chris White, Lawrence Porter and John Dutchman-Smith in creating a new ‎JOOMLA based private members site, which is currently under final testing, hoping in future it will meet the needs of our 481 Members spread around the world. The year took us from Manchester, to Lutterworth, with a meeting, followed by an interactive presentation called Beyond the Craft - the “Other Orders in Freemasonry‎”, with Brethren dressed in the regalia of the Orders. Then across the Severn Bridge to Barry, South Wales to celebrate the UGLE Tercentenary with a re-enactment of the “First Meeting of UGLE”, by the Monmouthshire Enactment Team‎, followed by the Ladies Festival It has been a great honour and pleasure to serve as Worshipful Master of Internet Lodge 9659 and I look forward to serving the Lodge as Immediate Past Master, and I look forward to continuing my work for our very unique Lodge.


W. Bro. Alan B TurtonAt

Installed 19th March 2016

Nineteenth Worshipful Master

I thank you all for selecting me as Worshipful Master for the year it has been the greatest of honours. My projects have been about the future of Masonry, our future in particular and that both in how we serve our 466 members spread around our world and the themes of our meetings.
At my installation in March I presented a new management support structure worked on by a group of Past Masters over the previous eleven months and two speakers and venues I had selected to present on the future of Freemasonry. The energy of the meeting was tremendous.
A wonderful fraternal visit was made by us to Edinburgh in Scotland. The sights were wonderful as was the warmth of the Scots Brethren who opened many special doors for us.
Our August meeting in Grantham flowed with warmth and as always was amply supported by our Ladies, Partners and friends. Our speaker John Acaster filled us with many reflective thoughts causing a lively debate. Our close was wandering in the sunshine at Belton House.
October Festival weekend was held in my Masonic home Tapton Hall in Sheffield. Our speaker again on the future of Freemasonry, Padraig Belton looked at how we engage with the next generation, their hopes aspirations, views and particularly the ways in which they communicate that we may as a Craft both engage and fulfil their aspirations.
In September we flew out to Support W. Bro. Mihutu being Installed as Master of Lodge Dedal in Romania where 40 of us were present to give greeting and in October attended an English speaking Lodge in Netherlands.
It has been a great honour and pleasure to serve as Worshipful Master of Internet Lodge 9659 and I look forward to continuing my work for our Lodge


WM18cW.Bro. Ben Allen

Installed 21 March 2015

Eighteenth Worshipful Master

It was my honour to be allowed to serve as the worshipful master of this wonderful lodge. It continues to go from strength to strength. I was ably supported by many fantastic officers who discharged their duties with distinction, despite many scheduling challenges of bringing this forward by a year.
I hope that we managed to work on the excellent work of my predessors, who handed me a lodge in rude health, and I believe I handed it off in the same state.

In August we met at Great Queen street, and had a talk on some of the work the Connaught club has been doing that is now spreading to all of the provinces.
In October we went to Byker Masonic Hall in Newcastle upon Tyne, where we saw an excellent performance by Northumberland Masonic Demonstration team of a nineteenth century raising. This was one of the highlights of my mason career so far. If you get the chance to see this team I highly recommend it. We followed this with our Ladies night, which as always gave us the opportunity to thank them for their support throughout this year.
In March I was able to install as my successor WBro Alan Turton, which I was honoured to do. I feel his ideas and vision will take this lodge from strength to strength.

I am delighted to have served this lodge and have no doubt that it will go from strength to strength throughout the coming years.


Royston Morris

W.Bro. Royston Morris.

Installed 15 March 2014

Seventeenth Worshipful Master.

My year as Worshipful Master was to be one of consolidation and I must say I believe that the foreseeable future of Internet Lodge No.9659 is looking extremely good and going in the right direction.

My officers have worked diligently in setting our Lodge on a firm and ftable foundation, long may it continue.

Membership is continuing to grow, and we are now just under 400 members in total with more applications to be announced. It pleases me to see an increase in membership from Romania, France, Brazil, Hungary, Finland, USA and so on.


We had an excellent meetings this year.

  • In August in Olney where we had an interesting weekend of music and festivities.
  • Our October meeting was a Ladies festival in Newport Monmouthshire my own Province. We were entertained in Lodge with the Monmouthshire demonstration team who performed a Russian 1st Degree initiation ceremony.
    In the evening a ladies festival was well attended at the Holiday Inn where International artists entertained a truly international audience. The evening raised a considerable amount for charities and a good night was had by all.

Finally to our Installation meeting in Manchester 21st March 2015.
I congratulate my successor W Bro Benedict Allan on selecting a good team of officers to support him in his year of office as the 18th Worshipful Master of such a prestigious Lodge. I wish him and his officers every success for his intended programme of meetings and events.

Thank you to all the members of Internet Lodge No. 9659 for allowing me to be your Worshipful Master for this past year.

wm16aW.Bro. James W. Hogg.

Installed 16 March 2013

Sixteenth Worshipful Master.

My aims for the year were to involve more of our overseas Brethren in some way, as well as have the lodge visit areas to which it has not previously visited. Indeed, at my Installation the Working Tools were explained by W. Bro. Werner Schwab (Netherlands), W. Bro Claudiu Ionescu (Romania) and Bro. Corneliu Serdan (Romania). I also hoped to provide an interesting year both masonically and socially for the members.

The highlights of the year were:

  • A Lodge visit to Romania in May by more than 40 brethren and ladies to enjoy a week of social and tourist activities, as well as Lodge visits, including performing the Hiramic Legend portion of the Third degree ceremony in R. L. Mesterul Manole Nr. 24, Orient of Bucharest and a visit to Brasov, where we were hosted to a lodge meeting by R. L. Coroana Din Carpati Nr. 116 and R. L. Trei Coloane Nr. 362.
  • Our August meeting was in Bangor, North Wales for an illustrated talk by W. Bro. Dave Siviter on Staffordshire Pottery figurines and their connection with Freemasonry. This was followed by a wonderful Ladies Festival dinner, which included a recital on two harps,played by a most attractive and talented young lady. She gave renditions of a mixture of classical and popular music and performed flawlessly. Sunday morning at 8:30 AM, many of us gathered at Llanberis for the trip to the summit of Mt. Snowdon.
  • The October meeting was in Manningtree, Essex, where we were treated with a presentation by W. Bro. Richard Gan of a paper entitled “Union of 1813 Between the Ancients and the Moderns,” after which W. Bro. Gan entertained questions from the Brethren. This was followed by a festive board and a return to The George Hotel in Colchester for a free evening.
  • The Installation of my successor in March 2014

It was a great honour for me as an American to be afforded the opportunity to serve as Master of this unique lodge of international character and composition and I thank all the Officers and Brethren most heartily for their fantastic support and assistance that was provided throughout the entire year.

David Starbuck

W.Bro. David H. Starbuck.

Installed 17 March 2012

Fifteenth Worshipful Master.

My aim for the year was to involve more of our overseas Brethren in some way and at Installation the Working Tools were explained on video from Sydney, Lebanon and Ohio, while physically presented by Bro Ben Allen. I also hoped to provide an interesting year both masonically and socially  for the members.

The highlights of the year were:

  • having the PGM present at my Installation to mark W Bro Charles Lewis’s 50 years in masonry.
  • a Lodge visit to Malta in May by more than 80 brethren and ladies to enjoy a week of social and tourist activities, as well as Lodge visits, including performing a Second degree ceremony in the Lodge of St John and St. Paul and seeing a Third Degree Ceremony in Ars Discendi Lodge.
  • our August meeting in Knutsford,Cheshire for an excellent lecture by the Grand Orator, “Initiation: what is the point?” , followed by a visit to Gawsworth Hall open air theatre for an “ABBA” Tribute Evening. Sunday was an informal barbecue lunch at my home and Monday was a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.
  • the October meeting was in Kettering for demonstration of “A Lodge Night in 1759” followed by our Ladies festival at the Hunting Lodge Hotel.
  • the Installation of my successor in March 2013.

To serve as Master of this lodge is a great honour and privilege and I thank all the Officers and Brethren most heartily, for their fantastic support and assistance through the year.

 W.Bro. Chris Malpus.


Installed 19 March 2011

Fourteenth Worshipful Master.

My hope for the year was to build on all the strengths of the Lodge, specifically the social and fraternal aspects of our meetings, the strength and diversity of views expressed through the discussion of the email list, and the ritual skills of our members.

The highlights of the year were:

  • The visit of a Lodge team to Minneapolis to demonstrate an Emulation Third Degree to 250+ Minnesota masons in the presence of their Grand Master
  • The festival weekend in and around Berkeley and Bristol in conjunction with the August meeting
  • The demonstration of the First Degree of Bristol Workings by Canynge’s Lodge 1388 at the October meeting by kind permission of the Provincial Grand Master of Bristol.
  • The 50th anniversary (of initiation) presentation to tenth Master M.W. Bro. Charles Lewis by the (very) new Provincial Grand Master of East Lancashire, Sir David Trippier.
  • The unfailing support of all the officers and brethren of the Lodge.

 To serve as master was a great honour and a most rewarding experience.

 wm13dW.Bro. Alan Tibbetts.

Installed 20 March 2010

Thirteenth Worshipful Master and first Canadian to serve.

My sincere thanks to all my officers for their service, and to all members who helped to make the year so memorable.

It was my pleasure to host, along with my wife Jane, over 40 members and wives on a visit to the Niagara region of Ontario for a very pleasant and hectic five day social visit.

Some highlights of the year:

  • The August web cast of part of our Festive Board in Chester to our members across the globe
  • The Ladies Festival weekend in Wells, and the lodge meeting within the medieval Cathedral
  • Interesting and informative presentations at the two meetings: on Elias Ashmole by Bro Alan Turton, and on the Lifelites charity by Mrs. Simone Enefer-Doy
  • The formation of our ladies' group, the LILies, to organize activities for our wives during the meeting weekends
  • The dramatic growth in membership numbers, with 55 new joining members in 2010

It has been a great honour and a pleasure to serve as Worshipful Master of Internet Lodge.

WM12dW.Bro. Bill Holden.

Installed 21 March 2009

Twelfth Worshipful Master.

Bill Holden was a tremendously popoular and hard working Worshipful Master .

He arranged a wonderful fraternal visit to Slovenia where we spent a very happy week with our Slovenian brethren.

In August we met in Boston Lincolnshire where we saw a fine Masonic temple and received a very interesting presentation on the subject of Masonic Music.

The outstanding event of the year was the October meeting of the Lodge and the Ladies' Festival. Bill worked tirelessly to create a weekend that will be long remembered by all those fortunate enough to take part.

He commissioned and subsequently approved a wide ranging report into the use by the Lodge of Internet Technology.

Tragically Bill died suddenly on 21st February 2010, just before the end of his year of office, a very sad end to a wonderful year.
Bill will be much missed and long remembered by the Lodge.

 This eulogy was given at the installation of his successor

 W.Bro. Mark Griffin.


Installed 15 March 2008

Eleventh Worshipful Master.

It has been a great honour and privilege to have served as Worshipful Master of this remarkable Lodge, and I thank the brethren for the opportunity to have done so.

I have done my best to further the aims stated when this Lodge was founded, and reiterated more recently in Larry Porter's year.

In October our meeting at Brockenhurst was to visit a brand new lodge building, a personal project of Alex Viner, a wonderful Mason who has contributed so much to this Lodge.

He was also responsible for drawing up a policy document for the International Development Scheme which has got off to a great start and has tremendous potential for the future, and he served as secretary to the Short Papers Competition, which was such a great success last year.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed time and energy to this Lodge, sometimes considerable time and energy, and I know that thanks to them, the Lodge will go on from strength to strength.


charleslewisW.Bro. Charles Lewis.

Installed 17 March 2007

Tenth Worshipful Master.

Let me begin my saying that I stated to all present at the Installation meeting in Manchester that I consider my membership and term as Master of the Internet Lodge as one of the highlights of my forty seven year Masonic career.
May I say that I have valued every Masonic forum and venue for Internet Lodge interchange with our members. When I was encouraged to submit a Manifesto I had some thinking to do; at the day's end I decided to venture forth. I have not been disappointed.The friendships that have been forged and the on-site UK Lodge meetings have been most enjoyable and fruitful.
I was privileged to serve during the year the Lodge ventured forth with the Short Papers Competition. What a resounding success that has been.That venture will move forward on an Annual basis.

I wish my successor and his officers a most successful year and I stand ready to assist in any way I can. Let us continue the great mission we adopted - that of using the internet to advance the purposes of Freemasonry.

W.Bro Charles Lewis passed to the Grand Lodge Above on 5th August 2020

wm-9-5W.Bro. Larry Porter.

Installed 18 March 2006

Ninth Worshipful Master.

Larry's main objective for his year was to improve the Lodge's interest and usefulness to our overseas members who can rarely, if ever, attend our regular meetings and events. To this end a community area was established with forums and blogs where members can share views and articles. Also a travel club was set up to facilitate get-togethers by Brethren round the world. The theme for the meetings was set in the Master's inaugural address in March which was on "the Future of Masonic Ritual". The August meeting was in Durham where we were joined by ladies and guests to hear a talk on the innovatiive project to reconstruct a Masonic hall open to the public at Beamish. Our four-day festival weekend was in Winchester where we held a debate on the future of the ritual. The dinner dance was at the Winchester Guildhall and tours included Winchester cathedral and the historic dockyard at Portsmouth. At the time Durham and Winchester were respectively the most Northerly and Southerly locations at which the Lodge had held a Regular Meeting. Much work was carried out on the Lodge processes, including a re-establishment of the Purpose and Aims of the Lodge. Further details can be found in the full report of the year.

mhW.Bro. Mike Herman.

Installed 19 March 2005

Eighth Worshipful Master.

It had been my intention to host the first ever regular meeting of Internet Lodge on 'foreign' soil. The plan was to meet in Portugal in October. We believed that because some English Constitution lodges meet in Portugal, we would be able to get a dispensation to do likewise. Unfortunately it was not to be, and our application was rejected. Since the arrangements were already in place we held a fraternal visit to Lancaster Lodge in Estoril, Portugal followed by our Ladies Night. The weekend in Portugal included visits to the esoteric Quinta da Regaleira, The Templars' Castles at Tomar and Almourol, and The Batalha Monastery. The star of the weekend was Prof. Jose Anes, who gave us a guided tour of Quinta Regaleira, gave a lecture in our meeting on the history of modern Portuguese Freemasonry and then continued this theme with a prequel relating the history of the Templars during our visit to the Templars' Castles. In addition to our installation meeting we held two regular meetings one in Beaconsfield at the Old School House, where we were educated and entertained by Yasha Beresiner and the other in Harrow.

jdsW.Bro. John Dutchman-Smith.

Installed 20 March 2004

Seventh Worshipful Master.

"Some day, when the cloud of prejudice has been dispelled by the searchlight of truth, the world will honour Masonry for its service to freedom of thought and the liberty of faith. No part of its history has been more noble, no principle of its teaching has been more precious than its age-long demand for the right and duty of every soul to seek that light by which no man was ever injured, and that truth which makes man free."
These, the words of an American freemason of great foresight, Joseph Fort Newton who died in 1950, set the theme for John's year.
The summer meeting in Worcester took the form of a Lancashire "Old England Night" and introduced the Lodge to the traditional delicacies of tripe and black puddings. The Ladies Festival weekend in October was very well attended and attracted many overseas visitors (almost twenty from the U.S.A.). The Lodge meeting featured a demonstration of the building of King Solomon's temple during which the Lodge was "called off" enabling our Ladies and non- masonic guests to observe this enthralling re-enactment in miniature.
Continuing enhancements to this web site were made possible by the formation of a web team led by W.Bro Larry Porter the then Junior Warden of the Lodge.

oliverW.Bro. Dr. Derek J. Oliver.

Installed 15 March 2003

Sixth Worshipful Master.

Always promising a period of stability and concentration on 'traditional' Masonic values, the year started with an emphasis on Freemasonry as a Family. From a well known, if sometimes misplaced sense of humour, there was also a promise that the year would be fun, on the basis that if you don't enjoy something, why do it? In terms on innovation, however, we saw the first meeting of the Internet lodge outside of England, in fact at Penarth, Cardiff in the fair land of Wales where a traditional Welsh meal followed the singing of the National Anthem, My Hen Fy N'Haddau (a.k.a. Land of my Fathers). To redress the balance, the October meeting saw us in the very centre of England, Birmingham, and a re-enactment of an 18th century initiation ceremony, with the WM as the Candidate, followed by a very traditional Ladies Festival with the WM in his family Kilt. The greatest achievement of the year, though not immediately realised, was the initiation of the working party, chaired by W.Bro. John Dutchman-Smith, which culminated in the magnificent new Web Site that you are viewing today.

worshipfulmasterWor. Bro. Ab Goedhals.

Installed 16 March 2002

Fifth Worshipful Master.

Started by taking the members of the lodge to his native country, the Netherlands, where a three day festival-weekend was held. This began in Kingston-upon-Hull with a lecture by W.Bro. Evert Kwaadgras: "Some remarks on the history of Freemasonry in The Netherlands" was given, prior to setting sail to the Netherlands. The well-attended festival weekend included a demonstration of a Dutch first degree ceremony (over which he presided himself), a festival dinner at the Leiden Museum of Antiquities with an historic Egyptian Temple as a backdrop, and a cruise of the Rotterdam harbour by boat. During the year special emphasis was given on certain (sometimes less familiar) ritual elements of English freemasonry. Not only in the theoretical elements thereof (the orthopraxis of tradition and ritual), by having two lectures delivered on this subject (W.Bro. Dr. Jan AM Snoek: "The Masonic Method: Initiatory and Allusive" and WBro Simon Fernie: "The Extended Ceremony of a Board of Installed Masters -The 1926 Controversy"), but also in a more practical sense, as he installed his successor by making use of a form of this extended ceremony.

After a long battle with illness, Brother Ab Goedhals passed to the Grand Lodge above on 7th March 2018. He is much missed by all who knew him at Internet Lodge

planesWor. Bro. Peter F. Lanes.

Installed 10 March 2001

Fourth Worshipful Master.

Was the first overseas Worshipful Master of the lodge. In order to organize and administer the lodge from 5,000 miles away with the planned very full and exciting program for his year, established many teams of officers and members. Encouraged greatly increased and harmonious communication between brethren and many List based discussions on many different and sometimes controversial issues. Improved contact with and between new members and also with overseas members through the newly formed Meeters and Greeters and the Overseas Ambassadors initiatives. Developed the web site to the latest state of the art with a Home Page recorded stereo movie welcoming viewers. Uniquely introduced a web site meal reservation enabling brethren to reserve their own meal selections, as well as web site based payment for meals by credit card. Successfully managed a busy social year with a traditional Ladies Festival weekend in Nottingham and also a week-long activity in Florida, where members were able to witness a first degree and a third degree American style, with the third degree participants dressed in costumes of the King Solomon period.

After a long and courageous fight with cancer, Brother Peter Lanes passed to the Grand Lodge above on 19th January 2008. He is much missed by all who knew him at Internet Lodge.

whiteWor. Bro. Chris White

Installed 19 March 2000

Third Worshipful Master.

Developed his theme of "The Internet & Freemasonry", from which all of the members of the lodge learned the experience of being able to communicate on a regular daily basis via our lodge mailing list. This facility led to many discussions and communications that would normally be impossible for a Masonic lodge without electronic mail. The lodge's web site was moved to a facility in the USA which provides full year round technical support and availability. Control of the web site was shared out to more members.

beltonWor. Bro. John Belton.

Installed 21 March 1999.

Second Worshipful Master.

Known World-Wide for his "Missing Master Mason" papers and concern for falling numbers in Freemasonry; was able to help Internet Lodge work to a greater degree of internal openness and inclusiveness. Recognized that the initiative for this communication lies with the Master of the Lodge, and to a lesser extent with the Wardens and other officers of the Lodge, and that this is a very real challenge for those who followed and one that is likely to influence the direction the Lodge takes as time passes.

charltonWor. Bro. Gordon Charlton.

Installed 29 January 1998.

Founding Worshipful Master

Established the pursuit of excellence; that we should set a precedent for quality that will be the hallmark of Internet Lodge. He successfully navigated the treacherous ground of getting a new type of lodge properly organized, resolved differences between the hierarchical structure of a Masonic Lodge, and the nonhierarchical nature of network based discussion, saw that our Docushare site was properly established and functioning.