JPBro James Papageorgiou was installed as Worshipful Master for 2024-25 at a ceremony in Manchester on 16th March 2024'

His message to the lodge was :-

Dear Brethren of Internet Lodge,
I am honoured and humbled to address you as the newly appointed Worshipful Master of Internet Lodge.
As I embark on my journey as the 26th Worshipful Master of our unique lodge, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the support and guidance I have received from each and every one of you.
Before I delve into the tasks that lie ahead, I wish to take a moment to extend my heartfelt appreciation to our Immediate Past Master WBrother Steve Gregory and all the Officers who served diligently in the previous year.
WBro Steve, your leadership, zeal , and dedication to the Craft have left an indelible mark on our lodge. Under your mastership, our lodge thrived, and your exemplary service will continue to inspire us all.
I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to each Officer who served alongside our Past Master. Your commitment to the principles of Freemasonry and your tireless efforts in fulfilling your respective duties have been instrumental in the continuous success of Internet lodge.
To the newly appointed Officers of Internet Lodge, I am priviledged to be working closely with each and every one of you, drawing upon our collective wisdom and experience to guide our lodge to calm waters. Together, we form a cohesive team dedicated to upholding the principles of brotherhood, charity, and enlightenment.
To all Brethren of Internet Lodge, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. Your input and participation are invaluable as we strive to fulfill our Masonic obligations.
Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your Worshipful Master. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and I am eager to embark on this journey with you all and our excellent Officers.

Fraternally yours,

James, Dimitrios Papageorgiou
Worshipful Master IL 9659

Angel Lee GuerraW,Bro Angel Lee Guerra from Montana USA has been selected as Junior Warden for 2024-25

He was installed at our Installtion meeting on March 16th 2024

In due course he will be installed as Worshipful Master for 2026-27

Bro Angel writes

In 2016, my wife and I moved from New York City, United States of America to Great Falls, Montana. During the year
of 2017 I was initiated into Euclid Lodge No. 58 of Great Falls, Montana. A symbolic craft lodge
under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Montana; where
I was subsequently passed and raised. The proceeding 5 years, I had the distinct honor of serving
many lodge officers stations. With the exception of Worshipful Master. During my year as
Senior Warden, I assisted the lodge with building our charitable organizations as well as offered
education for the lodge in various topics involving Freemasonry as well as the Esoteric Sciences.
In 2021, I affiliated with Treasure Lodge No. 95 where I was elected Junior Warden. I humbly
decline said position because in my heart I knew that I wanted to dedicate my full attention to
Internet Lodge and its growing membership. I said to myself I want to serve the East with
brethren who share my views of Universal Fraternity. So instead the Master Elect offered me the
appointed position of Lodge Instructor. And I gratefully accepted. As I have stated, my desire is
to work for my brethren in one of the biggest craft lodges of the U.G.L.E. 

Umit 73W,Bro Abdullah Umit Iris from Turkey has been selected as Junior Warden for 2023-24

He will be installed at our Installtion meeting on March 18th 2023

In due course he will be installed as Worshipful Master for 2025-26

Bro Umit writes
I was born in Istanbul, the bridge between Asia and Europe, in 1949 August 15th
I hold a BD in Political Sciences and Business Administration.
I am the Managing Director of my own company and active in international trade
involving the raw materials of the fruit juices industry.
Apart from freemasonry, my hobbies are, travelling around the globe, sailing, skin and
scuba diving, playing piano and violin .
I am married and my son is also a Freemason

I was initiated into Meshalé Lodge # 74 of the Turkish Grand Lodge of Free and
Accepted masons in 1989 and since then I’ve been actively involved in Craft activities
locally and abroad.
I am a member of Yapicilar Lodge No 942 working in Adana valley
I am also an active member of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite 31st Grade
(Southern Jurisdiction)
Since my Entered apprentice grade I have started to give conferences on the
symbolism of masonry and over the years I have translated into Turkish and
commented on the famous 3 volumes of the symbolism of the first three grades by late
Grand Master MW Raoul Berteaux, published and edited in French
I was also for some years a member of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of UGLE.
After joining the IL 9659; together with Bro Rasi of Brazil; we have realised the twinning
of Tupan Lodge 3244 of GOBrazil and our Antalya Lodge 103 .
During the ceremony I was accorded the honorary membership of the respectable
Lodges “Sol e Liberdade 2897” and Tupan 3244 of G O of Brazil.
In the past, I have held the offices of Master of Ceremonies, Orator, Secretary, II.
Warden and I am at present Junior Deacon of internet Lodge
I have also been the guide to several younger Brethren and happily next year I will
even attend the installation of one these Brethren when he becomes Worshipful Master
of his Lodge.
I always try to promote the IL membership to some Turkish and even French Brethren,
who I believe soon will apply to join the lodge                            

ED9659Bro Dimitri (James) Papageorgiu from Greece has been selected to become Junior Warden for 2022--23
He will be installed at our meeting in Manchester on 19th March 2022

!n due course he is expected to become Worshipful Master for 2024-25

Bro James writes :-

Back in February 2004, after completing my studies at the University of Glamorgan in Wales (BA in Business Studies and MBA) it was with great anticipation that I was initiated into Freemasonry in Lodge Isotis No10 (Equality) under the auspices of Grand Lodge of Greece. Since then, I have held all officer positions except that of the Worshipful Master. The reason for that was the 5-year contract I had as a Baritone singer for the Greek National Opera. During my position as a Senior Warden (2016-2018), I took the initiative with my Lodge and I was appointed in charge of organising 3 official masonic visits to European cities in order to tighten our relationships with other lodges in Corfu, Greece (November 2016, Phoenix lodge No1), Rome, Italy (April 2017, Libertà Lodge No 160) and Lausanne, Switzerland (May 2018, Liberté Lodge No 21).

What really marked my masonic life though after nearly 20 years as a mason, was my affiliation with Internet Lodge in 2019. I was eagerly anticipating to be present for the following meeting and without a second thought, I was there, in Sindlesham, Berkshire in October 2019 for our Autumn meeting. Never before had I felt such emotions and the brotherhood and friendship that an international lodge offers to its brethren! Currently, I am an honorary member of Beneficenza Lodge no 170 Grand Lodge of Greece in Corfu where I act as a mentor. I am also an active member of various side degrees:

Aims and Objectives

Unequivocally, Internet Lodge is probably the Lodge with the largest number of full members coming from many constitutions and many parts of the world under the U.G.L.E. This diversity of membership contributes their different experiences, backgrounds, masonic culture and rich heritage to our lodge which is very desirable. Since our lodge meets only 3 times a year and the meetings are well planned in advance, I firmly believe that attendance of both meetings and activities is of utmost importance. However, we do have an active mailing list and a unique internet site which will continue to be our base for all masonic transactions. One of the overwhelming changes in so many aspects of life during the pandemic has been the use of and interaction with the internet and our ‘virtual’ relationship amongst our members via our Sunday zoom meetings. Thus, it is of paramount importance that we keep our IT profile on the forefront and a huge praise goes to the brothers that run Internet Lodge’s IT department.

My theme for the year will be Geopolitics in Fremasonry, a significant factor that shaped our Craft in the last 2 centuries on a global scale. For this reason, 2 guest speakers will deliver their talks accordingly on our Summer and May/oversees meetings. The Speaker of the Autumn’s meeting will be any brother from our lodge who wishes to prepare a lecture on the theme. 

On 17th March 2020 the Most Worshipful Grand Master suspended Freemasonry in UGLE for a period of four months.

The suspension ended on 17th July 2020.

Our Installation meeting which should have taken place on 21st March 2020 was not possible and the exisiting Worshipful Master remains in post.

 Freemasonry was again suspended from 5th November 2020 but re-opened in August 2021

Peter Hegarty


At the Annual General Meeting of the Province of East Lancashire held in Blackburn on 21st November 2019 Internet Lodge Member W.Bro Peter Hegarty was appointed as Provincial Grand Warden for 2019-2020. This is a tremendous honour for Peter who will continue in his role a Chairman of the Salford District of Lodges.

Well done Peter - many congratulations.








ED9659Bro Emmanouil Diamantas from Greece has been selected to become Junior Warden for 2020--21
He will be installed at our meeting in Manchester on 21st March 2020

In due course he is expected to become Worshipful Master for 2022-23

Bro Diamantas was born in Athens, the capital of Greece, in 1974. He holds a BSc in Biology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) with a dissertation in Immunology and a MSc in Medical Genetics with Immunology (Brunel University, Uxbridge) with a dissertation in Bioinformatics. He works in the pharmaceutical industry at commercial operations of multinational corporations. He also the General Secretary of a labour union of pharmaceutical employees.

Apart from freemasonry his hobbies are travelling around the globe, jogging and dancing European and Latin dances.

He was initiated in Lodge Omiros 61 of the Grand Lodge of Greece in 2009 and since then has been actively involved in Craft activities locally and abroad. He is also an active member of various side degrees such as Mark Master Masons (Bon Accord T.I. in the UK), Holy Royal Arch, Royal and Select Masters, Knight Templars, Red Cross of Constantine and Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (32 KCCH).

He is fascinated by the international aspect of the Craft; visiting lodges abroad is the best proof that brotherly love and bonding are universal and exceed the borders of one’s country. Having visited many British lodges, I must admit that Internet Lodge is one of a kind. Since I joined, I’ve met excellent brethren, made new friends from all over the world and exchanged valuable experiences regarding freemasonry. Every time I return to my country after a meeting, I eagerly anticipate the next one!

HIs theme for 2022 will be “Introduction to Greek freemasonry” including but not limited to a fabulous journey to his country in May, a relevant lecture and a demonstration of the opening and closing of a lodge according to the Greek ritual.

FB centre piece sThe newest constituent lodge of the Grand Loge of Ohio, USA, was created on Sunday March 31, 2019 with the essential assistance of members of Internet Lodge 9659. The Installing team, which put RWBro Caid McKinley (also a member of our Lodge) in the chair of King Solomon, consisted of five of our members viz. WBro Steve Gregory as Installing Master, WBro David Starbuck as SW, WBro Kai Hughes as JW, WBro Rob Allen as IG and WBro Alan Tibbetts.


For full story see here


W.Bro Cristian Mihutoiu was installed as 22nd Master of Internet Lodge
on Saturday March 16th 2019 at our meeting at Manchester Hall.



This Installation meeting was supposed to be held in the Goulburn Suite in Manchester Hall Unfortunately because of serious water ingress overnight caused by very heavy rainfall during Friday night and Saturday morning, we had to remove at short notice to the Sykes Lodge room, another temple in the building. There was a rush of activity setting out the Lodge regalia and equipment with Manchester Hall staff adding additional chairs to seat the expected hundred and twenty plus Brethren in the temple, in readiness for the Provincial Director of Ceremonies' and the Lodge’s rehearsals.
Fortunately the Sykes Lodge Room did not suffer any water ingress and all the Brethren were seated, and the Installation ceremony commenced on time at 12 noon, opening and receiving the Provincial Grand Master and his delegation.

3 MastersIn addition to our own Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Sir David Trippier, we were honoured to receive RWBro Radu Balanescu the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania, who was accompanied by his Grand Chancellor and his Grand Secretary and the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Orient of the Netherlands. There were over 60 members and visitors from overseas,

PIctured Left to Right : RWBro Sir David Trippier Provincial Grand Master
Bro Cristian Mihutuio Worshipful Master Internet Lodge 9659
RWBro Radu Balanescu. Grand Master National Grand Lodge of Romania

The main event was WBro Cristian Mihutoiu’s Installation into the Chair of King Solomon, and what a wonderful experience it was, with excellent ritual by the Installing Officers, and those Brethren presenting the addresses and working tools, pressed onwards by the Director of Ceremonies and his Assistant.

The Festive Board followed in the refurbished Goulburn dining room, and it was a truly beautiful and fitting venue for our Festive Board with over a hundred and ten Mason’s dining We an excellent meal with great service during which we were treated to some wonderful singing from one of our Romanian guests Bro Alexandru Constantin Bro Alexandru entertained us with no introduction, what a fantastic singer and lovely man and Freemason. . Life throws up.great talent so rarely we felt privileged to listen to by him. This was followed by speeches, an excellent rendition of the Master’s Song by WBro John Dutchman-Smith accompanied on piano By WBro Naunton Liles, and some wonderful stories!

From Bro Adi Cojan

Dear and Beloved Brethren,

There is no greater honour in the life of a mason than to be part of the big family of UGLE. It is a great opportunity to enter the open gates of such great history. I hope I can make my contribution to fulfilling the universal Masonic ideals together with my Internet Lodge 9659 Brothers.

After joining in the Lodge last year, the weekend of March 15-17th, at the installation of the new W.M. Bro. Cristian Mihutoiu, was a new moment that reinforced my feeling of belonging with the Brothers in the great union of Freemasonry. It was also a moment of strong spiritual experience that I will not forget and who has certainly contributed to my evolution as a man and a Mason.

I was delighted with the presence of so many Brothers representing other Grand Lodges such as the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania together with the Officers of the National Grand Lodge of Romania and the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master of the Netherlands

I hope that the principles of the Order will continue to guide my journey close to the Brothers from the Internet Lodge 9659 and together we shall grow and strengthen our lodge.

I am proud to belong to UGLE and I shall proudly carry this title that honours me and obliges me. I assure my Brothers of my full involvement in all the activities of the Lodge and of the fact that they can count on me as a brother devoted to the Masonic Oath.



On 12th August 2018 members of the lodge visited the National Memorial Arboretum. A wreath was laid in the Masonic Memorial Garden in remembrance of all those freemasons who hae given their lives for their country.

Masonic Memorial Brochure 





Harrogate4 On 13th October 2018 the lodge met in Harrogate North Yorkshire

The main part of the meeting was a demonstration of a Lodge of Sorrows by Glossopdale Lodge.



This was in memory of a number of our members who have recently passed away, WBros Brian Clark, David Slack, Peter Clark, Ron Williams,Ron Booth, David Parkinson, Ab Goedhals, Laurie Headland, and Ken Rodley.

This meeting provided the very rare chance to see a ceremony hardly ever seen in UGLE

Questions had been asked about the "Lodge of Sorrows".It is very worthy of an explanation. Similar ceremonies are carried out in Australia and in other countries throughout the world but not in the U.K.

It is to commemorate the passing of a brother.

The ceremony demonstrated was put together by Glossopdale lodge under the guidance of our late brother David Slack who researched these ceremonies overseas and constructed this from the "best bits" elsewhere

David Slack was the prime author of this ceremony. Sadly the first occasion on which it was carried out for real was in respect of David who died suddenly this year.

David had arranged for this demonstration at Harrogate before he died and we are grateful that Glossopdale Lodge decided to continue with their visit our lodge and give the demonstration

It was a very moving and poignant ceremony to which the widows and families were invited. It is very suitable for our ladies and very interesting to all.

Several of our Lodge widows were present



At our meeting in Tamworth on 11th August 2018 we admitted 23 new members.

This now brings our membership to over FIVE HUNDRED freemasons.

We have members in every continent ( except Antartica)


MSGJWOn 1st June 2018 W.Bro Mark Stephen Gregory was selected to become Junior Warden for 2018-19

The appointment of a Junior Warden had to be deferred at our installation due to the sudden and untimely death of W.Bro David Slack who had previously been elected to that office.

Stephen is a Freemason of great experience. Born on 30th November 1959, he was initiated into Freemasonry in the Coronation Lodge of Westhoughton No 7258 in March 1983. He succeeded his father as Master of that Lodge. He is a member and has been master of several other craft lodges. He now holds the high rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

He joined Royal Arch Chapter in February 1988 and now has the rank of Past Assistant Grand Scribe Nehemiah. He is also a member of many other orders including Mark, Royal Ark Mariners, Allied Masonic Degree, Knights Templar, Knights Templar Priests, Royal and Select Masons, Red Cross, Rose Croix,Order of the Secret Monitor, and Royal Order of Scotland, holding high rank in many.

Outside of Masonry he has a passion for motor sport and anything that involves getting from A to B as quickly as possible.

He is married to Ellen who offers him great support and the family is completed by Dave their much loved four legged lurcher friend.

Stephen will be invested at our meeting on 11th August 2018


At the Grand Lodge of New York's 2018 Annual Communication on 8th May 2018 Brother Oscar Alleyne, a member of Internet Lodge,  was elected as the Junior Grand Warden for 2018-2020.

If anyone is deserving to serve on the grand line it is Brother Oscar.

Many congratulations to our new Right Worshipful Brother













W.Bro Alan Martin Breward was installed into the chair of Internet Lodge on Saturday March 17th 2018 at our meeting at Manchester Hall.


The Worshipful Master with his Officers, members and principal guests

It was a weekend of highs and not so highs as our new Worshipful Master's story will tell !


amb2Brethren ALL,
A very, very BIG thank you ALL for the warm messages of congratulations both direct at the Festive board Saturday and on the social media pages.

Now I have to make my first apology as master of the Lodge. Because of a overnight in Salford General hospital Accident & Emergency dept. Following a slip, slide and fall! On the ice & snow! I wasn't able to get around to say farewell and god speed for your homeward journey on the Sunday.

Well Saturday started grand after what I thought was a very, very nice welcome buffet on the first floor room on the Friday evening, I thought the the food was fine and plentiful, we had seating for 50 with known 47 expected so we should ALL have been able to sit and talk, yes the beers, wines and drink were "top" city prices BUT it is the norm! Thank you Caid for the tankard gift it will be used!

So with the short drive by David thank you, as I had a great deal of "presentation" stuff to get to the Halls away we went. A short journey and we were one of the first to arrive, the festive board had been set up The test for the Working tools was then worked when an IT guru WBro Paul Span came to the rescue and worked out the screen and projector link! With the adaptor plugged into MacBook Pro and Bridge street system we were ready to go! A very short rehearsal, then open and on we go.

The Ceremony I found very, very touching and I hope that EVERYONE enjoyed it? If you had guests who aren't members please, please pass on my thanks. So it was up for the chair and after being presented by WBro Chris White (many thanks) it was on to the Obligation! WBro John Dutchman-Smith and now WBro Carl Freeland thank you both for the way you placed me into the chair of our truly WONDERFUL Lodge. Then the Board was closed and on with the Ceremony, and the entry for Master Masons. The test for the 3rd Degree tools and on came WBro Rajest Poddar from India and a perfect presentation with the working tools being held aloft by WBro Alan Turton. What then followed was the 2nd Degree tools from WBro Fernando Barrosa da Silva from Brazil and the 1st Degree tools from WBro Graham Russell in Malaysia. Thank you all.

Formalities over and thank you WBro Steve Gregory and WBro David Hedley for your smooth running of the appointments Etc. So then parade out a quick about turn and photos thanks to WBro Cristian Pocol. The Festive Board, thank you WBro Ken Morris for the rendition of the Masters song supported by WBro Chris Malpus (whose journey to Manchester is another story! Almost a good as mine to Bucharest 2 weeks ago!). So to the Tylers toast.

After a quick shower and change it was taxis for some to be entertained at Salford Masonic Hall and the Manchester Police band! Great but the "Street Car" drivers sat navs need up dating! So a Great evening of entertainment thanks WBro Peter Hegarty for info, with traditional Lancashire hot buffet. Wonderful old "swing time songs and tunes" and a raffle (or for you Roy a Ruffle!) now I believe this is where I started to "slip" won a bottle of Rose and as a lot of you know I have stopped the wine drinking!

But the party ended and taxis were called BUT busy night in Manchester and the expected times for taxies stretched from 16 to 40 mins! BUT eventually the first one came and Bill, Ken and Enid set off to AC Marriott, Vicky Chris and I made the decision that the warmest and quickest way back was by foot! Another mistake, compounded by me picking up my raffle prize! So not gone a 1/4 mile and the slip started and I'm sticking to my story of demonstrating the Welsh try (NO TRY) agains England! But my rugby ball was a litre bottle !! Down I went on both hands and knees! Bottle breaks and lots of blood from the right palm, tissues would not stop flow but we did what we could and kicked the glass to the side heading to the hotel. There McDonalds (the Golden Arches) clean toilet, hot coffee and free WiFi. Im pushed into the Loo by Vicky and wash the wounds, Now I have nothing but praise for the young manageress who provided bandages to wrap the hand and then get a taxi (less than a minute, wish I had here contacts with "Uber". And then back to the Hotel to what I though would be bed and rest! Vicky asked if they could provide a couple of plasters, no sooner said than done BUT wait the first aider appeared and cleaned the wounds saying I need hospitalisation and possible stitches, the Hotel staff were excellent and a Taxi called and paid for on the Hotel account and a card given to Vicky for return journey! Salford Hospital A & E. Nothing but praise for this staff, never been there before, every thing explained and waits expected and accepted. Nurse assess the cuts and wounds and dresses them, Xray where I was asked to remove bandages only to spill blood (lots of it) on to the plates! Some time latter I was seen by another nurse practitioner and cleaned up and no stitches BUT supper glued together. You will be pleased to know that Vicky has told me NO Photos!

So its just after 5 and lots of snow but "Street cars" arrive and we go back to the Hotel only waking at 08:45! So missed a number of you heading home "Sorry" Anyway Breakfast and goodbyes and fill Bills car with baggage Etc. and the journey home south to Birmingham, excellent clean and clear until 3 miles from home and the flurries in Manchester were a little deeper here in Birmingham. Gave Bill opportunity to select "snow" drive in the Land Rover! Home unpacked shower rest and slept all afternoon and a short break and bed until 0600 and the cat wanting out this morning! So after this it shower again and rest.

Thanks again to ALL of you and this wonderful Lodge.
Looking forward to our next happy meeting.

WBro Alan Breward

March 2018

DSCN5256My story begins in 1995 when I joined a small group of freemasons who were interested in the fledgling Internet and wished to investigate the possibility of forming a Masonic Lodge to develop the use of the Internet in Masonry. By January 1998 we had grown to 52 Founders and Internet Lodge 9659 was consecrated in the Province of East Lancashire on the 29th of that month.

Fast forward to May 2012 and the lodge had grown to 299 members worldwide. As a lodge we visited Malta and there met for the first time 11 of our members from Romania who invited us to visit their country the following year.

So May 2013 saw us visit Romania a country emerging from the darkness of an oppressive dictatorship where Freemasonry was similarly emerging from darkness. Here we met many more Romanian Freemasons who later joined our lodge and firm International friendships were established.

Jump again to 2015.Internet Lodge now had 403 members (Currently 481). A group of its members who were Mark Masons harboured the idea of creating a Mark Internet Lodge. They were encouraged by the then Mark Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Monmouthshire and were driven by a small number of very determined Mark Masons from that area. The result was that in June 2016 Mark Internet Lodge 1975 was consecrated at Mark Masons Hall (

In November 2016 5 Romanian Freemasons attended a meeting of Mark Internet Lodge in South Wales and were advanced into Mark Masonry in Mark Internet Lodge. They were the pioneers of Mark Masonry in Romania

In two consecutive days in July 2017 Mark Internet Lodge was opened by dispensation in Bucharest, Romania. On the first day 32 Romanians were advanced into Mark Masonry and on the second day A further 30 (including the Craft Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania) were also advanced. It had been my intention to attend these meetings but family illness meant a late cancellation. I was however admitted as a joining member at the first meeting.

In November 2017 Mark Internet Lodge again travelled to Romania and another 72 brethren were advanced into the lodge, making 134 in total.

On 1st March 2018 I did travel with other members to Bucharest in dreadful weather conditions.

DSCN5251On the 2nd March there were two ceremonies in Mark Internet Lodge, In the first a total of 42 Romanians were advanced into the lodge. There were 7 Mark Provincial Grand Masters present. This was the first multiple advancement that I had seen and I was very impressed by the way it was carried out will all the candidates formed into a phalanx repeating their obligation. They were all made to feel part of the ceremony and of Mark Masonry. Those below the rank of a Mark Installed Master were then requested to leave the lodge with the exception of the Craft Grand Master of Romania and his Grand Chancellor. Then in a ceremony I have not witnessed before they were entrusted with the secrets of a Mark Master. Lodge was then closed and we retired for the Festive Board.


DSCN5253On the 3rd March 2018 we were honoured by the presence of RWBro John Herbert Prizeman Deputy Grand Master and a Grand Lodge deputation. A meeting of The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas was opened by RWBro Prizeman at 11:00 a.m.

This was the consecration of the Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Lodge of Mark Master Masons, the first Mark Masons Lodge in Romania. There were over 200 present. It was a remarkable ceremony with 50+ founders present all from Romania. This was followed by The Installation Meeting of the new Lodge. W.Bro Florin Birlea was the first Master of the Lodge and his Acting IPM was Wbro Radu Balanescu (The Romanian Grand Master)

Before the end of proceedings the Deputy bestowed upon WBro Radu Balanescu the rank of Past Grand Junior warden.

We retired to the Festive Board where the wine flowed freely along with the local fire water.

After a suitable period of rest we were treated in the evening to a Gala dinner with music and entertainment. The first such entertainment was provided by a group of young children who sang and danced for us. We were later informed that they were from the local orphanage. This obviously touched Mark Masonic feelings and it was soon announced that the MBF would donate £10,000 to the orphanage. A great weekend.

And for the future?

A second Romanian Mark Lodge is to be consecrated in Mark Masons’ Hall in London on 2nd June 2018 and a third in Constanta Romania on October 27th 2018. The formation of a District in Romania will follow eventually.

John Dutchman-Smith

March 2018


20 Cake 2

Happy 20th Anniversary Internet Lodge 9659

Our wonderful Lodge was consecrated on January 29, 1998 at Bridge Street,Manchester by the Provincial Grand Master of East Lancashire and his talented team, with 52 Founding Members. As we enter our 21st year, we now have almost 500 members and may we go from strength to strength.

WM20asMy Installation, Manchester - March 2017

Bro Carl Freeland Worshipful Master

This Installation meeting was held in Manchester Bridge Street, a building in a state of disarray due to the on-going reconstruction works.

The main party stayed at the Premier Inn, Salford Quays. It was a great hotel overlooking the quay, with good transport links by tram, a shopping centre and the Lowry Theatre nearby and the adjacent Beefeater Inn.

On Friday evening we met in the Beefeater Inn for an informal gathering. There was no pre-booked meal and Brethren ordered as they wished from the menu. Some brethren spent the evening running up and down the stairs, as some arrived and ordered meals on the ground floor only to find out later a number of Brethren we seated upstairs. It was a damp evening, raining on and off, I recall John Dutchman-Smith unable to attend due to a family emergency calling in for a few minutes, wet through just walking a few yards from the car park to the bar.

On Saturday morning, rehearsals started on time at 10am in the temple, when after a few moments the lights failed, and the rehearsal was left in total darkness, the DC Steve Gregory moved us into the adjacent dining room, arranging chairs to mirror the Lodge layout in a smaller scale, constantly telling the Brethren milling about to leave the dining room if they were not PMs, including me when it came to the Installation part.

Fortunately the electrical problem was fixed, and the Installation ceremony commenced on time at 12 noon, the DC had worked hard to fine tune the ceremony to minimise the time it would take with a target to start the festive board at 3pm. So it commenced like a whirlwind, with Lodge business, the eulogy to our dear Brother Junior Warden who passed to the Grand Lodge above in November, and then on a happier note a celebration of Satinder Lal’s 50th year in Freemasonry, eloquently presented by APGM Christopher J Welton.

The main event was my Installation into the Chair of King Solomon, and what a wonderful experience it was, with excellent ritual by the Installing Officers, and those Brethren presenting the addresses and working tools, pressed onwards by the DC, often seen looking at his watch.

The special moment for me was to proudly invest my Officers for the year, then I received a number of wonderful presentations, including my very own gavel all the way from America as an Installation gift from PM Jim Hogg who was sadly unable to attend, onwards with the rest of the business to closing a full 6 minutes before the DC’s own 3pm deadline!

The Festive Board followed in the refurbished dining room, and we were told we were the first Lodge to use the room following its renovation, and it was a truly beautiful and fitting venue for our Festive Board with around 100 dinning, an excellent meal, with great service, speeches and some wonderful stories about Satinder’s exploits as a Doctor and a Mason.

Earlier in the day I noticed there was no piano or organ in the dining room, but one appeared ready for the Festive Board, I was told that Chris and Naunton searched building, and found an instrument  and the two of them pushed it to the dining room, which proved a fitting accompaniment to John Dutchman-Smith’s excellent rendition of the Master’s Song.

The Festive board ended in time for many to catch their trains home, and those staying had a short walk from the Premier Inn to the Lowry Theatre, enjoying a memorable performance of Evita, all arranged by our Secretary David Starbuck.

A weekend I will never forget, a major step in my Masonic advancement, after being a Mason for 20 years and a member of this wonderful Lodge for almost 10 years, now proudly serving as it 20th Worshipful Master in the UGLE Tercentenary Year.

Carl Freeland

March 2017


Brethren from across Europe, America and the UK attended the Installation meeting of Internet Lodge on Saturday 18 March at Manchester Hall Bridge Street.   The Lodge meeting was held in the Goulburn Lodge room followed by the Social Board in the newly refurbished dining room. It was also a special day for WBro Satinder Lal PSGD who celebrated Fifty years in Freemasonry.

Full story here



Bro Carl Freeland was installed as the 20th Master of the lodge at the annual installation ceremony in Manchester U.K. on 18th March 2017.

 The Provincial Grand Master was represented by W. Bro. Christopher John Welton, APGM, Past Senior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England.

You can read Carl's opening address here




The Worshipful Master and his officers

DemetriosDemetrios A. Drossos, MD – Internet Lodge Member

On Tuesday 24th of January 2017, (A.L. 6017), at 18.00 hours, at the Masonic Headquarter of the Grand Lodge of Greece in Athens.

The Consecration of ALEA ATHENA Lodge No. 181 in the Orient Of Tegea (ArKadi) was performed by the M.W. Grand Master of Greece assisted by the RtWs officers of the Grand Council.

Our Brother Demetrios is very honoured to have become the new Lodge’s Worshipful and Founding Master.