Frank HarrisWhen the late W.Bro Frank Harris passed the Grand Lodge above it transpired that in his will he had made a bequest to the Lodge of $10,000

Frank enjoyed travel, visiting other countries, meeting fellow travellers, nationals of the country he was visiting and most of all being in the company of other Masonic Brethren.

A committee was set up to determine the use of the fund and the unanimous recommendation was to use the Legacy to assist one Brother, who had been unable to visit the lodge for five years, to attend our Installation Meeting in Manchester (or such other location as may be determined) for as long as the Legacy has sufficient funds to action this recommendation.

Terry RyanHaving taken into consideration the distribution across the globe of our Brethren, we came to the conclusion that the opportunity should be open to all Lodge Members wherever they are domiciled; we believe this to be the fairest way to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by the process.

We are delighted that the first winner, selected randomly, was Bro Terry Ryan of New South Wales, Australia and even more delighted at Terry's acceptance of the award and his decision to travel to Manchester in March 2014.


After the installation Bro Terry wrote :-

"I wish to thank Internet lodge for the honour conferred on me, being the first recipient of the Bro Frank Harris legacy.
I had a wonderful time in Manchester, March 2014, and it was an experience I shall not forget.
The highlight for me was, so many Masons took the time to make me welcome, and I met Masons from all over.
Once again, thank you all, and I hope the next person drawn for the Frank Harris legacy, has as much fun warmth as I received
VW Bro Terry Ryan
NSW Australia "