ED9659Bro Emmanouil Diamantas from Greece has been selected to become Junior Warden for 2020--21
He will be installed at our meeting in Manchester on 21st March 2020

In due course he is expected to become Worshipful Master for 2022-23

Bro Diamantas was born in Athens, the capital of Greece, in 1974. He holds a BSc in Biology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) with a dissertation in Immunology and a MSc in Medical Genetics with Immunology (Brunel University, Uxbridge) with a dissertation in Bioinformatics. He works in the pharmaceutical industry at commercial operations of multinational corporations. He also the General Secretary of a labour union of pharmaceutical employees.

Apart from freemasonry his hobbies are travelling around the globe, jogging and dancing European and Latin dances.

He was initiated in Lodge Omiros 61 of the Grand Lodge of Greece in 2009 and since then has been actively involved in Craft activities locally and abroad. He is also an active member of various side degrees such as Mark Master Masons (Bon Accord T.I. in the UK), Holy Royal Arch, Royal and Select Masters, Knight Templars, Red Cross of Constantine and Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (32 KCCH).

He is fascinated by the international aspect of the Craft; visiting lodges abroad is the best proof that brotherly love and bonding are universal and exceed the borders of one’s country. Having visited many British lodges, I must admit that Internet Lodge is one of a kind. Since I joined, I’ve met excellent brethren, made new friends from all over the world and exchanged valuable experiences regarding freemasonry. Every time I return to my country after a meeting, I eagerly anticipate the next one!

HIs theme for 2022 will be “Introduction to Greek freemasonry” including but not limited to a fabulous journey to his country in May, a relevant lecture and a demonstration of the opening and closing of a lodge according to the Greek ritual.