Malta 2012

Thursday 4th May 2012

We left home at 03.15 on the Thursday morning for our Easy Jet flight to Malta. We arrived at 11.20 to be greeted by a taxi from the hotel which was a good start to the trip. The room was not ready but they let us have a shower and freshen up, and a sandwich in the bar till it was ready.

Friday 4th May 2012

After breakfast and a short walk we had the morning by the pool on the 9th floor, We met for the first get together on the Friday night in the Victoria hotel and then on to Palace hotel for a very good meal at the Temptasians Restaurant of Thai food, what a brill night was had by all and set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Saturday 5th May 2012

While the rest of the group went on a trip to see The Malta Experience we had a lazy morning. Then got a taxi with Ann & Barry to Valletta where we met up with the group at Cafe Cordina. After lunch, we had a look round the Barracka Gardens where I stayed for two weeks when I was on a course in the army. We then managed to get a lift back on the coach with the rest of the group

We went down to the Penny Black bar to watch the cup final where there was a bit of rivalry between Jaqui and Kath with Jaqui being the very lucky winner, but it was all good fun. Then out to the harbour front for a spot of dinner

Sunday 6th May 2012

After a good breakfast, a good long walk along the harbour front, back to the hotel for more sun, and then a rehearsal for the Second Degree which was almost perfect just a few little errors ? Then down to the bar to see a proper football team MAN CITY , then after a great result off to Hagar Qim to the temples. It was a long walk down to them but it felt a long way back with no stops for oxygen ,then off to the Blue Creek for a very good meal plenty to drink, which put us in the mood for a good old sing song on the way back

Monday 7th May 2012

We had an early breakfast then down to the harbour to catch our private boat for a trip round the Marsamxett and Grand harbours. Iit was such a good trip, after a spot of lunch back to the Hotel to get ready for our Lodge visit to St John and St Paul No349 where a team from Internet Lodge performed the Second Degree Ceremony which was a good deal better than the practice

The Ladies went to the Casa Rocca Piccola and by all accounts had a very enjoyable evening.

Tuesday 8th May 2012

Today we went to the St Anton gardens which is the home of the President of Malta, followed by a trip to Mdina which was such a lovely old fortress town with a lot of history behind it. Then on to the noddy train to our hosts apartment for lunch, where we were treated to fine food and lots of wine. It was a most splendid afternoon and many thanks to Jaqui and Larry for their hospitality. After all the wining and dining and with full bellies, it was back to the coach for a trip to Mosta Church where we were all looking for the bomb hole in the dome but what a beautiful place it was. Then it was back to the hotels where we wer notified on the coach that we had all be invited by our Romanian brethren for a drink with them. We met in the Hotel Palace at 18.00hrs under the banner of the INTERNET GRAND MARSHALL (J.D-S ) where we proceeded to the Regency hotel or was it the Plaza. We went in one then the other but no sign of them anywhere till they were spotted across the road. We took our places on a long table so when you was in you was in. Tony Porter and his good wife decided to play charades (to the great escape) and disappeared under the table and got away. We took our leave and went to a very nice Maltese Restaurant with very good company and it was the perfect end to a very perfect day.

Wednesday 9th May 2012

A nice and lazy morning after the night before, a late breakfast, a little walk, then up to the pool to relax, then at night a visit to the Ars Descendi Lodge No6 Sovereign Grand Lodge Of Malta who were doing a 3rd degree ceremony by the Grand Master Of Malta. It was a lot different to what I had seen before but really enjoyed it, and 12 members of Internet Lodge took part with all praying that J.D-S got it right this time, which we knew he would!

Thursday 10th May 2012

Today was a free morning & afternoon so we decided to get the number 12 bus to St Georges but were so engrossed went right to the end of the line, so we stayed on and went to Valletta we got to the Palace at just the right time for the dancing water fountain, then back to the hotel by water taxi that was a ride and a half, just got back in time to say a sad farewell to our Welsh friends what a great bunch they were and a big thanks to Royston for the tablets . The evening was the farewell Gala dinner where we meet in the Victoria for a musical recital by Jaqui which was fab, then we had the Wigan anthem by J.D-S of Uncle Joes Mint Balls, then into the Palazzo Di Capua for a fantastic meal, it was the perfect end to an excellent time in Malta


A big thank you to Jaqui & Larry and to the W.M David Starbuck for all their hard work in putting it all together, Good luck to Jaqui in her forth coming op and hope all goes well

Dave Grayshon and Ann O'Neill
May 2012