From Stephen and Kath Nicholls

Hi Uncle Joe ( a reference to the song Uncle Joe's Mint Balls),
I go to Spain soon so have been busy, however it would be remiss of me as a first timer not to put something together.

Having been a member of Internet Lodge for some years and being unable to make a meeting, Malta was my first opportunity to put faces to names. Arriving early in the day to the Palace Hotel it was a shame that we did not know who else was with our party, however as we met in the bar in the evening and alcohol was introduced it was as though Kath and I had walk into a room full of friends.

We were made most welcome by all and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would commend all who have not been from wherever they may be in the world to come and enjoy the fellowship that is in abundance.

I cannot better Alan Wyer's report or that of Vic Dorman which explain all the events of the week, all I can say is a big thank you to Larry and Jacqui Porter for all the hard work and sleepless nights they must have put in to make what was a slick well organised event. There are others who need thanks, such as our Assistant Secretary John and our Treasurer Brian who also put in a lot of work to make a success of the visit for the rest of us who just tagged along.

The only down side to the week was that Chelsea won the FA Cup.

Thanks to all for your company and hope to be at the next meeting."

Stephen Nicholls
May 2012

From Paul M Carroll and Darleen L'Heureux

I have had a wonderful experience with the brethren due to the meticulous planning and agenda of the organizers. The timing of each event was well laid out and left sufficient time so that a small amount of time could be used for rest and refreshment.

The sights that were planned for a visitation, and were very much in keeping of what might be expected of an Island that has over 5000 years of various nationalities serving as the ruling political party of their era

Of keen interest to myself was the fact that we managed to attend not one but two Lodge meetings of different Grand Lodges.

The churches and catacombs that we visited were unique unto themselves and lent an interesting take of how people lived and died in ancient times

One of the most gracious moments was the reception of the Porters to their home, where we all met in an informal get together without outside influences.

Wor. David Starbuck and in particular the Porters are to e commended on excellent planning and execution of a fabulous trip'

Although I travelled from the United States and paid a handsome sum of money for this trip, the rewards and friendships that were further cemented by the common spade far outweighed the monetary cost

I genuinely believe it will be extremely differcult to match this wonderful and enjoyable trip

Cordially and Fraternally
Brother Paul M Carroll and Darleen L'Heureux
May 2012