A selection of Masonic research papers presented at Internet Lodge, written by members of the Lodge or donated to the Internet Lodge Library.

The opinions reflected by the authors are not necessarily those of The Province of East Lancashire or the United Grand Lodge of England.

  • I am my Brother's Keeper
    Masons and Freemasonry during the American Civil War
    By Bro Eli Minoff
    The Annual Bern Herman Memorial Lecture presented in Mount Carmel Lodge No 44 (Grand Lodge of the State of Israel) in Haifa, Israel on 19th December 2006.
  • Harry S Truman By Bro Eli Minoff
    The Man, The 33rd American President and The Most Prominent and Influential Freemason in the United States during the 20th Century.
  • Freemasonry and Alchemy
    By M.W.Bro Fabio Venzi, Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy
  • A Peculiar System of Morality
    By W.Bro Roger Marjoribanks (dec'd)
    Subtitled Masonry and the Middle Ages this is an account of the history of Freemasonry written by W.Bro Roger Marjoribanks a former member of Internet Lodge until his death in 2013.
  • Elias Ashmole's initiation ... and some more questions.
    By W.Bro Yasha Beresiner, PGStB (UGLE) Hon SGW (GL State of Israel) PSGW (Reg GL Italy) PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076 EC
  • The Origin and Fate of the Temples at Jerusalem
    By W.Bro P.E.H.Thomas
    This wonderfully detailed document has been prepared primarily for the interest of all Freemasons whose Constitutions are recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. It deals essentially with Biblical facts insofar as it has been possible to establish them with reasonable confidence. In so doing, it encompasses that portion of Biblical history which, in essence, forms the bedrock of much Freemasonic ritual; not only within the Craft but within the Holy Royal Arch as well.
  • A Year in the Life of the Secretary of an English Lodge
    By Bro Alan B Bevins, Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden (Surrey) EC
    Presented to United Masters Lodge No 167 NZ, at the meeting on 22 Apr 1999
    This is the story of a year in the life of a typical English lodge secretary. It reflects the happenings of a typical English lodge, if there is such a thing, though its procedures are normal English practice.
  • John Soane - Architect
    By William Palin, Assistant Curator Sir John Soane's Museum
    John Soane, architect (1753-1837) was appointed Grand Superintendent of Works of the Freemasons in 1813, a post he held until his death.
  • Masonry with a Message and a Mission
    Some remarks on the history of Freemasonry in The Netherlands Address to Internet Lodge, Kingston-upon-Hull, August 8, 2002 by Evert Kwaadgras Archivist, Librarian & Curator to the Grand East of The Netherlands.
  • The Future of Ritual
    By Bro Rev Barker Cryer PGChap.
  • The History of Freemasonry in Turkey
    by V.W.Bro Celil Layiktez PAGM (GLoTurkey).
  • Masonic Principles Revisited
    Are the principles on which Freemasonry is founded still relevant today and more importantly are they relevant to the future?
  • Freemasonry and the British Problem
    By Andrew Prescott
  • The Trials and Tribulations of a Masonic Apologist
    By W. Bro: R.A. Gilbert, PPrSGD (Glos.) Presented in Internet Lodge in August 1998.
  • The Missing Master Mason
    Presented in Internet Lodge in March 1999 by the Worshipful Master, WBro John Belton.
  • A Response to the Missing Master Mason by The Revd. Neville Barker Cryer.
    Reply for the Guests at Internet Lodge Installation on March 20, 1999
  • A European View of Masonic Growth
    By WBro. Michel L. Brodsky.
    Presented in Internet Lodge in August 1999.
  • Centennial History of Granite Lodge No. 446 GRC
    By WBro Alan Tibbetts.
  • The Devil's Freemason
    Prof Andrew Prescott
    Britain's first academic researching freemasonry explains the background to his appointment and offers an intriguing paper on Richard Carlile and his exposure The Manual of Freemasonry - still in print 170 years later! A fascinating tale of 19th century radicalism in England.
  • The Masonic Approach to Self-Development
    Past Influences, Future Role and Present Acknowledgement. by WBro Phillip Hellier.
  • The Decline in Masonic Menbership - Is it really our fault?
    A look at the Declining Membership in Freemasonry. By Bro J Hogg.
  • The Final Forty Years
    By Alan Busfield - a view of the historic and future membership trends in New Zealand. One of the key papers on the subject - essential reading.
  • Discussion
    On the paper The Final Forty Years by Alan Busfield.