Three Chairs

HRH the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) was elected Grand Master of the premier Grand Lodge in 1790 and remained in office until 1813. For his Installation a new throne and Grand Warden's chairs were made, which remained in use until 1932 but are now used only for the Installation of a new Grand Master. The portrait is from the studio of Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769)-1830).


Five of his brothers became involved in Freemasonry. The most active was HRH Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843). He succeeded his brother as Grand Master in 1813, took a leading part in achieving the Union of the two Grand Lodges and became first Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge, remaining in office until his death. In celebration of his twenty-fifth anniversary as Grand Master he was presented by a grateful Craft with a silver table centre-piece by Robert Garrard.