Library of 2009 Entries

Short papers are intended to be read aloud in lodge meetings as a form of Masonic Education.

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The library contains the top twenty submissions as marked by the judges.

The opinions reflected by the authors are not necessarily those of Internet Lodge,The Province of East Lancashire or the United Grand Lodge of England.

Reference Title Author Country
The Winners
2009/15 Welcome or Not ?
Overall Winner of the 2009 competiton
Bro Kev Thompson Scotland
2009/13 To Learn
Winner of the World Award in the 2009 competiton
Bro Richard Carver U.S.A.
2009/29 Who was Jeptha ?
Winner of the Nova Award in the 2009 competiton
Bro Mark Edmiston England
The Runners Up
2009/27 Facing the Challenge
Runner up in the World Award in the 2009 competiton
Bro Leon Zeldis Israel
2009/30 At the Gate of Initiation The Two Pillars
Runner Up in the 2009 competiton
Bro Keith Bowles England
2009/31 Now That I Am a Freemason
Runner Up in the Nova Award in the 2009 competiton
Bro Gladstone Fisher Jamaica
Other Entries
2009/01 Why the Ashlar? Bro David Searle England
2009/02 The Powerful Myth of Hiram Abiff Bro Roger Marjoribanks England
2009/05 The Importance of Ritual Bro Darren Lorente England
2009/07 The Power of the Pen Bro Frank Harris Minnesota
2009/08 The 47th Proposition of Euclid Made Easy Bro Karen Kidd United States
2009/10 Who Manages the Managers Bro Rabie Jarmakanie Nigeria
2009/11 Nothing Common About a Gavel Bro Alan Turton England
2009/16 Three Legs at Twilight Bro Charles Richard Telfer England
2009/17 Unity and Oneness Bro Elizabeth Minium United States
2009/18 Co-Existence from the Lodge Outwards Bro Dr Antranik Ashdjian Cyprus
2009/19 Always Do what You Do in Your Own Lodge Bro Simon Green England
2009/21 The Initiate Bro Kerry LeBoutillier Australia
2009/23 The Point Within A Circle Bro Kerry LeBoutillier Australia
2009/28 Freemasonry and the Internet Bro Kerry LeBoutillier Australia

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