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Congratulations to the winners of the awards

There were three categories of award.

The Northampton Award

This was the main award and was for the paper which the Judges considered to best of all those submitted.

The Winner was Bro Kev Thompson from Scotland whose paper is entitled

Welcome or Not ?

The World Award

This award was for the best short paper submitted by a Mason who is not a member of a Lodge within the United Grand Lodge of England.

The Winner was Bro Richard Carver from the United States of America whose paper is entitled

To Learn

The Nova Award

This award was for the best paper by a Brother who has been a member of the Craft for less than five years (at the closing date of competition entry) and who has not been Master of a Lodge.

The Winner was Bro Mark Edmiston from England whose paper is entitled

Who Was Jeptha ?

We offer hearty congratulations to all the winners