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Reference Title  Author Country 
The Winners
2007/39 Were King Solomon's Pillars Hexagonal
Overall Winner of the 2007 competiton
Bro Alan Bergin BSc Spain 
2007/50 I Am Regular
Winner of the World Award in the 2007 competiton 
Bro Karen Kidd  U.S.A. 
2007/18 TOMATO, TO-MAH-TO; Shibboleths Beyond the Craft
Winner of the Nova Award in the 2007 competiton 
Bro Michael A. Halleran  U.S.A.  
Other Entries
2007/01 Freemasonry is Dying Bro Kerry A Nicholls   New Zealand
2007/02 Smoke and Mirrors Bro Keith Stockley  Australia 
2007/03 You're an Apprentice, so what! Bro Gary Bond  England 
2007/04 The Mark Degree Bro Derek Oliver England 
2007/05 On Tolerance and Intolerancef Bro Theron Dunn U.S.A. 
2007/06 Masonic Treasure Bro Keith Zech U.S.A. 
2007/07 What is in your attic? Bro David Joyce England
2007/08 Cataract - A Minnesota Lodge that moves Bro Frank Harris U.S.A. 
2007/09 The Lodge Banner Bro Terry Lockhart England
2007/10 The Return of the Craftsman Bro Samir Chidiac Lebanon
2007/11 Top 10 reasons why I don’t talk about Freemasonry Bro Scott Warner Canada
2007/12 The Structure of Life Bro Robert Steel U.S.A. 
2007/14 An Internet Lodge Paper argues… Bro Tim Arnold England
2007/15 Diversity in Freemasonry Bro J. Goody England
2007/16 Masonic Visiting Bro J. Goody England
2007/17 The Tyler and his Origins Bro William Roberts England
2007/19 Some thoughts on the History of Freemasonry Bro S.K. Char India
2007/20 Secrecy in Freemasonry Bro S.K. Char India
2007/21 Fremasonry is the need of the Hour Bro S.K. Char India
2007/22 Reading Papers in Lodges Bro S.K. Char India
2007/23 The Broken Column Bro Ian Booth England
2007/24 The Masonic Cemetery Bro Terry Staley Canada
2007/25 Interpretation of Masonic Philosophy Bro S.K. Char India
2007/26 Was Beethoven a Freemason Bro Derek Oliver England
2007/27 Ancient no doubt it is Bro Roger Marjoribanks England
2007/28 The Apron Bro Lawrence Oliver U.S.A. 
2007/29 Music in Masonry Today Bro Naunton Liles Wales
2007/30 Freemasonry is for Everyone Bro S.K. Char India
2007/31 The Responsibility of being a Freemason Bro S.K. Char India
2007/32 He Will Never Be a Stupid Atheist Bro Alessandro Ruzzi Italy
2007/33 Number One Bro Barry Mitchell England
2007/34 The Sword Bro Dennis Eve England
2007/35 The Burden of Light Bro Peter Popovic Croatia
2007/36 The 47th Proposition of Euclid Bro Alan Turton England
2007/37 Fremasonry; Heir to The Enlightenment And Victim Of Post-Modernity Bro Darren Lorente England
2007/38 Mother Lodge Bro Stephen Wall England
2007/40 The First Essex Daylight Lodge Bro Alec Hall England
2007/41 Ancient Charges .... Bro Fred Lomax England
2007/42 Calling On and Calling Off Bro Fred Lomax England
2007/43 The Grand Lodge in Wigan Bro Fred Lomax England
2007/45 The City of Chester and its Masonic Significance Bro Fred Lomax England
2007/46 Why the Square and Compasses Bro Fred Lomax England
2007/47 A Masonic Tale Bro Iodanis Poulkouras Greece
2007/48 Darkness Visible Bro Tony Barstow England
2007/49 Singing in the First Degree Bro Razmig Djinbachian Lebanon
2007/51 The Left Hand Pillar and the Book of Ruth Bro Alan Turton England
2007/52 Freemasons and the Internet Bro Alec Hall England
2007/53 Four Things Wrong with Freemasonry Bro Jeb Carroll Canada
2007/54 Where Eagles Dare Bro Mike Giddy England
2007/55 An Activated Man Bro Lars Pedersen Denmark
2007/56 The Masonic Experience Bro Anthony Hontzeas Canada
2007/58 Time to Drop "Anno Lucis" Bro Phil Fyles England
2007/59 More than just Words Bro Howard Jones Wales
2007/60 Bye-Laws Reveal Close Shave Bro Howard Jones Wales
2007/61 The Morality of Freemasonry Bro John Daniele Canada
2007/62 Landmarks of This Lodge Bro Naunon Liles Wales
2007/63 Emperor's New Clothes Bro David Sims Thailand
2007/64 Journey to the Centre of the Earth Bro John Green England
2007/65 Understanding Freemasonry Bro Krishna Char India
2007/66 Comacine Masters Bro Andrew Byng England
2007/67 A Cyprus Puzzle Bro Duncan Moore Cyprus
2007/68 Chamber of Reflection Bro Jelle Spijker Canada
2007/70 The Bloodline We Protect Bro William Hesch U.S.A. 
2007/71 What Can I Do For Freemasonry ? Bro John Dutchman-Smith England

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