Brother Cristian Mihutoiu’s Installation
Bucharest, Romania
September 2016

A few days before our brother Cristian Mihutoiu was confirmed by ballot as our 2019 Worshipful Master a party of 10 Internet Lodge members visited Bucharest to attend his installation in the Chair of King Solomon of the Mesterul Manole Lodge No. 24 – his first Chair.
The party consisted of our Worshipful Master, Alan Turton, W.Bros. Alan Breward, David Starbuck, Steve Gregory, Roy Morris, Ken Morris, Ken Donaghue and (special trip from Florida) Jim Hogg.
During a 5-day stay we received the utmost hospitality by our Romanian friends, being personally transported to and from the airport, and with all arrangements made to keep us entertained, fed and watered.
The meeting was held in the Ghica Palace in Bucharest, and was conducted with great formality. All visitors entered the Lodge in appropriate groupings and were individually welcomed by the Worshipful Master before being seated. The IL group entered under the direction and acting DC Steve Gregory and was courteously welcomed in English. There were many other visitors from Romania and surrounding jurisdictions, and a significant number of chain-wearing distinguished brethren.
The ceremony was most impressive and was conducted with great dignity. It was enhanced throughout by appropriately chosen, choreographed and, where appropriate, dramatic music. We all enjoyed it immensely. Although it was, of course, conducted in Romanian, it was very easy to understand what was going on from the floor work choreography. The musical enhancement was amazing, using classical and modern music beautifully integrated with the ritual.
After the ceremony, greetings were given – sometimes at great length – by all and sundry. When our “DC” called the Internet Lodge to order, well over 20 stood up – the visitors and many of our Romanian brethren.
Although not an official Internet Lodge event, it was one of the many social and masonic visits which make the lodge so special. It had particular significance because our brother Secretary, David Starbuck, already knew that in a few short days Cristian would emerge the winner of the 2019 WM ballot. He didn’t tell anyone!