Welcome to the web-site of Internet Lodge No. 9659Mike Herman

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Internet Lodge Website.

I do not know how or why you arrived at this place. Perhaps, you are already a Mason who is researching material available on the internet. Maybe you are a newly made Mason who is seeking to improve your Masonic knowledge. If you are not a Mason then I hope that you will find your journey worthwhile and will learn something of the gentle art to which we subscribe.

If you are not a Mason, then you may be surprised to find information about Freemasonry on the World Wide Web. In fact several Freemasons' Lodges have web sites, as does our governing body The United Grand Lodge of England. If you have not visited the website of Grand Lodge, I thoroughly recommend it to you.

Freemasons' Lodges in this country are organised into 'Provinces' based on the counties of England and Wales. Internet Lodge is in the Province of East Lancashire and a visit to that website will provide considerable useful information about Freemasonry in that part of the World.

Most Lodge websites (including our own) provide links to other Masonic websites and by travelling along these links you will learn that all lodges have certain similarities and yet each has a unique character. The unique features of Internet Lodge are that we communicate via the internet to manage our affairs and get to know one another, and that we only accept as members existing Freemasons.

We meet physically three times each year; once in Manchester in March, when the new Master of the Lodge is installed and in August and October at venues chosen by the Master. Our meetings take the form of a regular meeting of a Freemasons' Lodge, with a lecture or demonstration.

If you are a Freemason and would like to visit one of our meetings or become a member of this Lodge please look at our contacts section and send us an enquiry or an application form.

If you are not a Freemason and are interested in becoming one please look at the How to Become a Mason pages on the United Grand Lodge of England Web site.

If you have suggestions to make or questions to ask about our website please contact our Webmaster

Finally, we welcome any comments that you might have in our guest book.

I trust that you will enjoy your journey to our website and will come back soon.

Michael J Herman
Worshipful Master
Internet Lodge 9659