March 2010

Bill Holden WM, Internet Lodge 9659EC, 2009 - 2010

Bill Holden was a tremendously popoular and hard working Worshipful Master .

He arranged a wonderful fraternal visit to Slovenia where we spent a very happy week with our Slovenian brethren.

In August we met in Boston Lincolnshire where we saw a fine Masonic temple and received a very interesting presentation on the subject of Masonic Music.

The outstanding event of the year was the October meeting of the Lodge and the Ladies' Festival. Bill worked tirelessly to create a weekend that will be long remembered by all those fortunate enough to take part.

He commissioned and subsequently approved a wide ranging report into the use by the Lodge of Internet Technology.

Tragically Bill died suddenly on 21st February 2010, just before the end of his year of office, a very sad end to a wonderful year.

Bill has been taken from our sight but his spirit lives on It lives on in the hearts and minds of his family and of his many friends and it lives on in this lodge which so represents the values he held so dear, family, friends fun, caring for others and sharing our good fortune in life.

This eulogy was given at the installation of his successor


John Dutchman-Smith on behalf of my friend Bill Holden
Who sadly never became Immediate Past Master
March 2010